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June 2, 2010 – Wednesday: Feeling like a F1 back marker

No time to write about an eventful interval training, this morning at the AU track. Just about enough time to copy paste from my entry on Daily Mile:


Good set of people today. 🙂

Today I found out how a F1 back marker feels when he gets lapped. I couldn’t do 2 continuous laps fast and resorted to a 1 lap "fast" (obviously relative) and a 1 lap crawl. 6k and I felt like a dog at the end of it.

My Garmin seems to be showing 10-20 meters more than the actual, every lap, and by the time I finished, I was ~200 meters before where I started. So, the distance here is not entirely accurate and should be reduced


According to my Garmin, which shows more, it was 6.5k in 40 minutes.


Copy-pasting from Shankar’s entry to get an idea of what a lap is, and who all joined:


Karthik, Senthilanand, Sandy, Yash, Gautama, Siva, Srinaath (a biker and friend of VPS) and a little later S. Rajesh and Akhila also joined.

One Set = 1x400m warmup/slow pace and 2x400m at faster pace. Thought its over for the day and then Sandy led us for the strides and happen to be shorter distance (50m – 75m) sprints..did 4 repeats and then yogic stretches…Enjoyed everything.. a totally different workout to make it weekly.


Note that I did not do a ‘set’, but just did 1 lap relatively quicker and 1 lap ultraslow.

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