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May 30, 2010 – Sunday: Classic ++ with Senthil and Ram

We had 2 new runners who joined us today, Ben and Johny, who we discovered later to be BA pilots. They discovered us by going to the Chennai Runners website and landed up at AU. What was really, really nice was that they bought a plastic bag with some 2-3 pairs of shoes and t-shirts having read about the Extra miles program on the site. Absolutely great gesture. As some one said, some people just have it in them.

They looked really fit with some good running pedigree and so it was just apt that they paired up with McKinsey Ramesh, who evidently had a good time running with them. [More on that later].

Anyway, that brings us to the attendance list: Apart from the runners already mentioned, we had Senthil Anand, Ram, Saravanan, Vilwa (back after a break) and me. We also saw Ashok treading a solo path having started out at 4:45 with an intention of running 2 hours, all within AU. Hope that went well. In the end, we also met up with Manish and Balaji. Shankar, after 4-5 days of continuous training, was MIA

Once we started off, it was Ben, Johny and Ramesh bolting ahead, Ram, Saravanan and Vilwa in pursuit, Senthil and I on a 5:1 R:W following them.

The weather was pretty decent – not too hot and humid, and it was good for running. Met Yash at Greenways road – he missed the Classic this weekend because of another engagement that he was driving for: This was the 1st classic that he had missed since his 1st classic over 3 months back.

Senthil kept upping the pace in the hope that we might be able to catch Ram and Vilwa, but though they remained in view, they were beyond ‘catching’ distance. For me, that is. At BNBeach, Senthil engaged a higher gear, sprinted ahead effortlessly to catch Ram and pop the IIT plan into his head.

When has a fish refused to swim? Ram obviously was keen and so from Indira nagar, once we got together, IIT was the destination. But, not before Ram took us through a new route inside Indira Nagar – through the Railway Station (!) – onto Canal bank road. And I always thought that it required a train speeding away for me to run inside a Railway station.

For once, I was not jinxed and we managed to hoodwink the IIT security guards to get inside. But, by the time we got to 17k, I was exhausted and totally drained. I tried a few tricks – running faster and taking more breaks etc, but I was gone. Totally pooped. Ram and Senthil pushed me to finish. They proposed that they carry me over, but I suspect that might have been a little bit difficult. But, somehow kept going and stopped exactly at 20k done in 2 hrs, 2 mins. Never before have I done that distance in that time. So, once again, all credit to Senthil and Ram who keep pushing the envelope all the time. Thanks guys.

Ram and Senthil were joined by Manish and Balaji and went on to finish the 21.1k half. Terrific effort.

Ram led the yoga sessions this time. I provided the laughs by executing a near perfect backward somersault while Ram was demonstrating the Sarvangasan.

That reminds me of Ben-Johny-Ramesh run. During the run, Ramesh apparently warned them about the Adayar bridge incline and then later got to know that one of them stay and run in the Alps mountains. :-). Not sure if they had to walk through the Adayar bridge’s steep slope. Hope they coped.

Sure hope they run again with us.

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  1. Divya
    June 1, 2010 at 6:34 pm

    Oh wow.. you left out the little detail of 2:02 for the 20K run when we spoke :-p
    That is simply brilliant!!

    • Anonymous
      June 3, 2010 at 1:43 am

      No da.. that was Ram pushing me all the way + I think my watch shows a little bit more + I was totally gone. I actually felt bad at the end of it looking at my state.

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