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May 23, 2010 – Sunday: Classic cut short to a 10k

It was a field of fast and elite runners at AU this morning: We had the comrades-ready Shahid, Shameek, Shenaz, Neville (1st time – great to see him), McKinsey Ramesh – All of them ran ahead. Madhavan, and Karur Senthil were behind.

That meant that I was by myself. I had also forgotten my Garmin, but thankfully had the phone – and so it was back to the Nokia Sportstracker for this run. But, it was going to be a pain to keep removing and looking at it during the R:W.

Thankfully, met Mukesh at the gate and we did a 4:1 on a real slow run:walk. Mukesh wanted to do a 10k and I didn’t want to run alone :-). He got a little bit tired by ~7k mark and so we took a 3 min walk break near Malar hospital bridge, and then did a 3:2 R:W back to AU.

Here is the Nokia Sportstracker link (remember, this shows 6% more): http://sportstracker.nokia.com/nts/workoutdetail/index.do?id=2539483

Accounting for the 6%, we did 10.4k in 1h 14m 26s.

So, today’s run was nice and easy. Skipped breakfast and got home quite early.

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