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May 18, 2010 – Tuesday: 10k under 1 hour, finally

I have been trying for the last month or more to do a 10k in under 1 hour, but could never do it. It had got to a point where I was seriously doubting myself and wondered if I could ever do it. So, today is a good shot in the arm for me.

Committed to Ram last night and also roped Senthil in for this morning’s run. It got even better when Shankar and Ananth joined in – 5 for an unposted run is pretty good.

The start and the initial (high) pace was completely thanks to Ram who started off chasing a train and we were huffing and puffing within 1 km! I almost resigned myself to one of those deary struggles when the initial pace is a bit too high. I was a tad surprised when I settled in nicely during the Poes garden patch (an extra bit which we add to the Gandhi – Marina run whenever Ram is with us 🙂 ). 4 of us were still running together when we got into Cathedral road. I was feeling good then and so Senthil and I pushed ahead a little, raised our game a bit and got into a nice rhythm at around the 10.2-10.3 kmph speed. That was when a sub-30 min 5k ambition started creeping in, and was even brave enough to break that to Senthil. He doesn’t need a carrot even on bad days, and he was on red-hot form today. We reached Marina, exactly 5k in 28.something minutes.

Frankly, even that 5k was tiring and in my mind, the run back was going to be a relaxed affair. Took a walk break till it got rounded off to 30 minutes and started back. Senthil, obviously, had different plans. He had got the scent of a quick run and the word ‘relax’ never entered his mind. He was pushing for a sub 1 hour 10k, and all I could negotiate with him at that point was to get into a 5:1 Run:Walk.

That just meant that he pushed like hell during that 5 minute patch. Phew! It was tough to keep up, but I was just hanging on there for that 5 minutes. I think there was a point, again during that nice Poes garden return patch, when we ran that 5 minutes at around a speed of ~ 11.5 or 12 kmph. That set us up quite well heading into the last 1.5 odd kms, with some 10 odd minutes left for my hour to tick over.

But, I hadn’t accounted for the 2nd flyover – that flattened me out and at the top of that hill, I was spent. I urged Senthil to push ahead, while I took a walk break with 700 meters to go!  Thankfully, that gave me some breath back and took the last patch rather decently. The 10k mark arrived just a bit (about 100 mts) ahead of the Dimensions finish point, at some 57.something minutes. At Dimensions, the reading was 10.1 in 58m 30s. Senthil finished more than a minute faster than me.

The entire 2nd half of the run belonged to Senthil. He pushed, pulled, waved and urged at every point where I flagged (and there were a number of those when I sub-conciously lost pace) – so, really nice of him. 🙂

The run was so damn satisfying today. Loved it. The stretching that followed was, as usual, embarrassing, but by this time, I am used to that. 🙂

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