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May 9, 2010 – Sunday: Classic with Senthil, Bharani & Yash

I had made up my mind already that this was going to be a slow one. In fact, I even told myself heading out to AU this morning that I would go at it alone if I had to, but I was in no mood or shape to push.

Got real lucky – apparently, almost everyone there (Shankar, Bharani, Yash, Senthil, and Rajakumar from Korea, on a vacation) had exactly the same thought. 🙂

Senthil, Yash and I started off on a 4:1 with Bharani, Rajakumar and Shankar on a full-run and so go ahead of us while we were slowly but steady right behind. As it happens ever so often, we caught up with all of them by Greenways road, ran together till Malar bridge where we split.

Bharani joined us on the 4:1 while Rajakumar and Shankar went straight ahead and finished at AU to do a 10k.

That put me in the company of runners, all of who were capable of increasing pace and tempo without the slightest catch in their conversation and could push it even without being aware of it. Closer to BN beach, Senthil was doing that a bit – a slight increase in pace and I am sure even he didn’t realize it – but for someone like me sweating bucket-loads and really feeling the heat, a slight increase was enough to render me breathless. At one point, I decided to let Bharani and Senthil go; Yash was still with me almost casually strolling by – the effort hardly palpable. I think all the yoga that he has been doing is affecting his personality and converting him into a monk.

Otherwise, I am not able to explain how he just flew, again with the same expression, at the mere suggestion of the coconut-water break. So, then I joined Senthil and Bharani while Yash disappeared. We next met him at the elaneer shop at the beach.

All 4 were together again and though I was finding it tough, I stuck with them right there. Again, company matters so much. At this point, by myself, it would have been a downward spiraling, disastrous, ragged, run-walk – a situation which has happened so often in the past. Company saved me today because I had no choice but to stick along.

But, when we got to Madhya Kailash, Senthil and Yash had pulled ahead, and I asked Bharani to run ahead because I was afraid that I was holding him back a bit too much. But he declined and stuck with me, which again left me no choice but to maintain a respectable pace, which was not too much by the way.

Towards the end, we even managed 30-40 mts at a quicker pace and finished at the rear entrance.

Garmin link: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/32652863

Distance: 15.6k, Time: 1:50,  Average pace: 7 mins/ km, Average Speed: 8.6 kmph –> Slow, but not unhappy.

Then, piddled in the AU hostel loo, changed and joined Yash who was leading everyone through a yoga/ stretching session.

Even I am appalled at my level of inflexibility. I am terrible. I struggle for the most basic of stretches – I look around to see everyone doing the basic ones with ease and then slowly start to struggle with Yash’s “the next variation of this”. At those ones, I would just give up.

Most people wonder at others suppleness and flexibility – but do people get equally wonderstruck at my lack of flexibility – I mean, do they go “what?! you can’t bend beyond that?”. I wonder if people actually discuss me in a dining table or quote me as an example: “There is this guy I know who can’t..” types?  I am building a nice case for my own claim to fame. 🙂

But, one of these days, probably when Divs is here, I am going to make a video tape of how bad I am now – and use that as the barometer for later.

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  1. saro
    May 10, 2010 at 2:09 pm

    yoga like any other exercise, such as bending down & touching ur toes with the knees straight will come with practise irrespective of age & suppleness, so go ahead practise more!!

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