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May 2, 2010 – Sunday: Helping myself…

Shankar’s Canada visa application was rejected – don’t ask! Ridiculous and he was obviously gutted.

Instead of feeling sore, he planned to run a solo marathon inside Anna University! Ram mailed and dedicated his Vancouver run to Shankar.

The mails were buzzing yesterday in support of Shankar’s solo effort. He was starting off at 3:30 and there were plenty of plans made on who would join him and run along at different phases of the run. I wanted to chip in too – I seriously thought that it was a bloody brave way to handle a bad piece of news. But, I was not sure if I wanted to do the entire distance. I was hoping to do ~25k or so or if possible push for 30. 

So, at 3:20, I was there and already waiting there were Anand and Ramani sir. Shankar was a little late, but he came in by 3:40 and we started off by 3:45 I think.

Lap 1: Slow as you like. Talking and running really slowly. Shankar has a larger loop than the ones that I had done and it came to ~4.2 kms per loop which made it a nice, round projected target of 10 laps.

Lap 2: We were together on the 1st lap, but as early as the 2nd lap, Ramani and I pulled ahead just that little bit. We had a pretty good conversation going.

Lap 3: Senthil Anand joined us at 4:30 for the 3rd lap though he ran along with Shankar while Ramani and I were still a little ahead.

We met the regular 5:15 starters – and there weren’t too many of them: McKinsey Ramesh, Madhavan are those I remember.

Lap 4: Yash joined us as well and that became the 4th lap. Good general conversation and hardly felt it.

At the end of that – we had a fairly long break here while I changed my t-shirt which was already drenched. There were a number of walk breaks even earlier while we waited for a few to join us, but this one was really long! The other thing was that Bharani had come in with a bag of goodies (Granula bars) which he put in the Linea’s boot. The idea was to keep it open so that anyone could grab it.

Lap 5: But, it was good because now we had Senthil, Yash and I running together. Oops. I suddenly remembered that I had the Linea keys and was not sure if I closed the boot lid. So, I ran back to give that to Bharani (transpired that the boot was open) and then ran ahead to find Yash and Senthil – it was here that I bumped into Arun Krishnan (another CR rockstar legend) who was looking for Shankar. We back-tracked: I found Senthil and Yash; Arun found Shankar and we kept going.

At the end of that – it was 6:15 or something, and thanks to my last lap’s back and forth running, I had done ~24 kms.

Yash stopped. He had promised yoga classes to Ashok and co at 6:30.

Senthil said that he had just 1 km to go for his 2000th km of tracked runs! 🙂 and so, it was just Senthil and I going around and back for just that 1 km which got him to his 2000th km, and me to the 25th km. Stopped after that. Done. Run finished.

A very slow – 25k in just under 3 hours.

I went to help Shankar, but ended up helping myself. :-).


Changed everything in the car after that – TShirt, shorts, undies, shoes (to slippers) and phew! that felt a lot better.

We were still chatting when Shankar came in obviously totally fagged out. He looked in fairly bad shape and there was no way he was going to continue. Not sure how much he did (I think it was 23 or 24 – in that range). Yash gave some yoga therapy which made him feel a lot better.

Senthil and I had planned to give him a medal anyway for his solo marathon effort and though he stopped – he certainly deserved it. So here we go: Ramani and Arun Krishnan presenting Shankar with a medal:



Shankar felt a tad embarrassed not to have finished the entire distance, but no one really cared. There were more people who turned up around this time (Manish and a few others) to cheer Shankar on if he was running  and the real story of the day was how the CRs turned up to support one of their own.




Here is an unsung story of Anand – who wanted to do his maiden marathon along with Shankar’s run. He didn’t, but finished 25k and looked fine!


This is Senthil below – a guy who has a coffee table conversation at 10.5 kmph while others are gasping. He did his 2000th km today.



Yash’s yoga therapy to Shankar became a full blown class with everyone joining in! That was a good session for about 30 minutes. I was too tired and so just watched.

Yash (white tshirt) putting Bharani (blue tshirt on the floor) and Balaji (yellow tshirt) through some core straps.


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  1. saro
    May 2, 2010 at 10:20 am

    super positive thinking, hats off to shankar!!& hearty congrats to senthil on his 2000 km completion[by the way, any idea how much u have put in???]& pl do change that ridiculous pic of urs at the top of the blog in full suit & tie & looking like a prosperous overwt businessman!!

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