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Apr 30, 2010 – Friday: Super run with Senthil and Siva at AU campus

I slept so early last night that I missed Senthil’s sms asking me if I wanted to do a 10k run in the AU campus. I saw that only when I woke up at around 4 this morning. I replied at that time saying that I was on and would wait until 5:50 at the main car park.

And so I did – except that he didn’t turn up there and I didn’t get any reply either. So, I started off, but within 2 minutes into the run, I saw Senthil and Siva heading towards me. Senthil hadn’t seen my sms’s but had planned to meet Siva at the rear entrance and do the run anyway.

Siva was returning back to running after a 2-3 month hiatus and wanted to take it a little easy, and so the first 5 odd kms was done at a relatively easy pace, at around 9 kmph or so. We even took a quick walk break around then and continued. But, after 6 kms which was done in about 40 odd minutes, Siva asked us to go ahead and said that he would slow down a bit further. I was enjoying this easy run as well – it is quite nice when you could run continuously, talk for a bit and generally take in everything around you.

But, when the pace heats up and you really push, sitting here now, there is no doubt that this was the best part. When Senthil and I went ahead, almost all of a sudden the pace quickened. Senthil was the pace setter. He started off at around 10.3 or 10.4 kmph and kept pushing the bar a little bit higher. Within a short time, I was seriously afraid that I may not be able to keep up, but also knew that I got to hang on as much as I could. I even tried tricks like running as close to the turns as possible and making him take the long away around almost each time. Not that it affected him.

I was dying and he was talking like a TV anchor. Ok, I take that back – TV anchors nowadays talk as if they are dying too and in are dire need for oxygen – which sounds like how I was. Lets say he was talking like those TV news readers of yore ala ARS and Varadharajan 🙂

Anyway, it was a really nice run “at the end of the day”© Dhoni – We stopped as soon as we crossed 10k – so, it was 10k in 1 hour 2 minutes and I think the the last 4 kms was done in about 22 minutes or something.

6 kms in 40 mins (Avg speed of 8.4 kmph) + 4 kms in 22 mins (Avg speed of 10.9 kmph) – is what I am guessing we did, give or take a few.

At the end of the run, we cooled off and tried running backwards for a minute :-), which was as comical as you can imagine. Did some stretches and got back home.

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  1. saro
    April 30, 2010 at 12:09 pm

    good going[rather, running,]keep it up!!

  2. Divya
    April 30, 2010 at 4:18 pm

    Woah! Thats fast! Awesome.

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