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Apr 22, 2010 – Thursday: What a struggle

Wasn’t feeling sleepy and so went for a run. Ran to dimensions on a 4:1 and that was good.


That was 4.3 kms in about 27 minutes and was feeling fine, even though it was sultry and hot.


Shahid was there already and shortly Sushil joined in as well and the 3 of us started off also on a 4:1 intending to do the typical Thursday 12k LSD. We can almost divide this run (http://connect.garmin.com/activity/30876463) into 3 segments:

1) This being the relatively easy part, all 3 running together for about 30 minutes. This was nice, slow and easy, at ~8.5 kmph average and we had done about 4.3kms when Sushil hurt his shin and wanted to slow. We wanted to turn :-), and so we did.

2) Sushil waved us ahead and so it was just Shahid and I heading back to Dimensions. This was the fast bit, but really enjoyable because Shahid really pushed during the runs. He pushed like hell and we ran hard during the next 25 minutes or so.

1) and 2) are both combined as the 1st lap in the link. Combined this was 9kms in exactly an hour, with the 1st half certainly slower than the 2nd.

3) The 3rd part was a stupid decision. I tried running back home. This was a massive struggle. The fast bit had drained me out totally. I couldn’t move at all. I was feeling hot and massively tired. I tried multiple tricks – got cold water and drained that on my head, switched from 4:1 to 2:1 to even a 1:1, walked for 3 mins to regain – nothing worked. I was screwed.

Switched off the watch. I was so done. This bit from Dimensions to the point where I switched off and said “done” – was just 1.9k in 15 mins! That’s slightly faster than walking pace.


I tried to hail an auto – but damn, I couldn’t get one, and finally ended up walking all the way home. Felt better only when I almost stumbled inside the bathroom and had a shower.

In all, it was ~15k with multiple breaks and everything.

It is seriously hot. Long runs are almost ruled out this summer. Need to figure out some other way of doing things.

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