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Apr 12-17, 2010: Running in Miami

Sorry, was not able to post/ log my runs for the last week. The common excuses: work, jetlag, on the phone and all other better things to do than to write about the runs and walks.

But it was great. Really very nice and if I had written after every run, I could have described it well. But, for now, we would have to make do with summaries. The Garmin links are provided though and it gives a nice map.

1) April 12, 2010 – Monday: Miami downtown through Rickenbacker causeway – http://bit.ly/9IPGwL

R:W – 3:1. Distance and time: 18.7k in 2:08

This was soon after I landed and ran with the pent up energy of being holed in the place for > 20 hours. The highlight was the rain when I was returning. I could see miles of the bay while running on the causeway and could watch the rain literally envelope the downtown as it approached me – like a giant grey translucent curtain being slowly pulled over the city. Occasionally, there would be this lovely streak of lightening which made the whole sight breathtaking. There was once a plane which burst through the thick clouds and rain into clear skies on my left.


2) April 16, 2010 – Friday: Miami – Downtown to Southbeachhttp://bit.ly/bpqWhK

R:W – 4:1. Distance and time: 21.1k in 2:20

This was the planned long run through downtown and the lovely, quaint Venetian causeway lined with great views on both sides and abode to a whole lot of rich and famous. But without doubt, the wooden boardwalk run with the beautiful beach on one side and swank hotels (poolside) on the other, probably made for greater viewing. I’ll pick bikinis over buildings any day. Running by the Ocean’s drive and the Art Deco restaurant/ hotels was great too.

Ran aimlessly for the last 2 kms to reach 21.1 and promptly stopped. Good lunch with beer followed, but that’s a different story

160420101387 160420101385


170420101399 170420101396

170420101401 170420101400

3) or should it be 2.1) April 16, 2010 – Friday: Walk back from South beach to downtown hotel – http://bit.ly/c8979z

Walk – at 5.5 kmph. Distance and time: 9.4k in 1:32

The meal + beer that I just mentioned costed me $50, and I partially atoned for it by skipping the taxi and walking back. Nothing that interesting – just a long walk back.

170420101402 170420101401

170420101406 170420101405

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  1. saro
    April 18, 2010 at 1:29 pm

    can vivdly imagine ur run & walk back too! did u enjoy the rain, u must have been totally drenched! no need to ask if u enjoyed the bikinies!!

  2. saro
    April 18, 2010 at 1:30 pm

    beautiful pics, by the way, glad u cud upload them also

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