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Apr 11, 2010 – Sunday: Short-cut run.. sorry, make that a shortcut walk

Bad run today. Quite bad.

I guess I had other things in my mind because I forgot my watch. I also forgot to get the book which I had promised Shankar. I took my phone, but when the run started, I forgot to set the GPS.

Started running with Senthil on a 5:1 and he set a pace which was impossible for me to keep up. I do not know if it was just the pace that was setting, or if I was tired after yesterdays run. To be honest, this morning, I was not feeling that tired. So, am presuming that it must be just the pace.

I certainly couldn’t match it and so I took my first short-cut at the Archbishop Mathias Ave, instead of taking the extra loop, I sent Senthil thru’ that while I walked straight through. I repeated the trick again by sending him through another extra loop on the other side of the boatclub loop.

I was hoping that he might tire a bit while my longer walk breaks would help, but I still could not keep up, didn’t want to hold him back and so sent him on his way by Judge’s colony. From then on, it was just me.

Without a watch, I was running and taking walk breaks as often as I wanted. In fact, I think during that part, I walked more than I ran. I took another shortcut through Shankara school (which cuts at least 0.5 km), and then again another shortcut through Blue cross.

I saw a man watering the roadside plants with a huge hose and asked him to spray a little on my head :-), but he just swung the hose around and ended up giving me a massive shower – I was soaking wet at that time!! But, it actually felt better and the runs got longer and walks a little shorter.

I took yet another short cut now – skipped the beach altogether – and went through 2nd Ave to join the Velankani Church road. Then, it was the standard route almost all the way.

Guess who caught up with me at Madhya Kailash – Senthil who gave me this ‘how-the-fu*k-did-you-get-here’ look – while he swept past me yet again. My last short-cut was to turn left into the Kotturpuram road opposite IIT and finish at the car park directly instead of going into AU and finishing at the canteen.

14k in 1 hour 40. Tired and a little bit disturbed. This is one of the nominees for the “worst run of the year” contest.

The big breakfast and the nice CR banter more than made up for it though.

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  1. saro
    April 11, 2010 at 12:24 pm

    not bad at all, considering the weather which saps allur energy!

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