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Apr 4, 2010 – Sunday: Classic – 16k with Senthil

It was a run-walk day. Drove to AU and joined a good bunch of CRs – Senthil Anand, Ramesh Seshadri, Ram, Narayanan, Yash, Madhavan and a couple of others who I don’t know/ remember.

Started off at around 5:20. I paired up with Senthil and decided to do a 5:1 R:W. Ramesh, Ram, Narayanan, Yash were together in the beginning and were ahead of us. In fact, most of them were ahead of us.

Today was great because Senthil was setting some terrific pace probably because he was not used to seeing people run in front of him, while he walked. :-). But, after 3-4 breaks, he was surprised that they were not dropping us and instead we were gaining on them slowly. We passed Yash and the others; and at around the Greenways road Judge’s colony, we just had Ram, Narayanan and Ramesh ahead of us. By the time we crossed the bridge and turned into Annie Besent road, we even overtook Ram and Narayanan started running with us (adopted the 5:1 himself) and only Ramesh was ahead. Soon, Narayanan tailed off, and Ramesh joined us at the Velankani church.

Ok, all that sounds great, but that was purely down to Senthil pushing like hell – or at least to me, it was hell. He had no problems running at that pace (at that time, the average speed was 10k, run speed was obviously higher since we must’ve been walking at 6 kmph) and kept talking as if we were having a drink in a cafe. I was struggling to breathe far less talk, but gamely braving on.

The more pertinent factor was the heat and humidity which was so high that I cannot imagine doing an all-run without breaks. So, it was fantastic that the all-running stalwarts were running at that pace anyway.

Back to the run: from Velankani church onwards, it was Ramesh, Senthil and I and we switched to a 4:1. We kept that right through the straight long road till we turned into Kasturba nagar/ Teachers colony. Ramesh slowed down, but Senthil ploughed ahead and I tagged on as much as I could.

And we finished that way – 16k in 1:36 – at a perfect 10 kmph. Was really nice.

Changed t-shirts, met everyone else at the canteen. We had a small core + stretch session led by Yash. That was nice too.

Good big breakfast and got home by around 9.

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