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Apr 2, 2010 – Friday: Rowing after ages

Decided to row after a really long time. So, drove to the club by 5:30, warmed up with 20 minutes on the treadmill and also did a 10 mins on the rowing machine to get the basic action going.

Getting the boat out was embarrassing because I could not even recognize the scull oars, and I was walking around the boat shed trying to figure out which ones they were! Thankfully, someone had put a pair out already and so took them.

The first few minutes were as harrowing as it can get. I was clumsy, made all the mistakes possible and it was all going wrong – I dug, I washed, there was no balance, I rushed up the slide, was using arms to pull – you name it. But the worst and the most embarrassing of the lot was when I was returning from the Kotturpuram bridge, midway down the river – I went a bit too close to the shore and the boat got stuck in the shallow mud. It went right in and that was it. I stuck in – mired in that swampy, black sand.

I tried to back-paddle and get out, but I couldn’t. I was looking stupid, feeling foolish and cursing myself. The pain was acute when I hollered to the pleasure boat which had 2 learners for help. They came around and when they innocently enquired, “Uncle, are you stuck” – with that schmuck, smirking look – I would much rather been sleeping at home rather than toy with this experiment. Anyway, they offered to pass on the word of my awkward predicament to the raft and went on their merry way.

But, that gave me the resolve to push for another last time – except that I was so furious that I stuck the blades right into the sand and gave it one almighty shove – and the boat extricated itself! Phew!

From then on, the experience was progressively better. Slowly, the balance returned, the fear ebbed, the blades fell into the water a little better and I went on to do 3 courses in all (including the lousy 1st one).

But, not once did I try for any hard patch. Didn’t even occur to do 10-hard-strokes. I was as gentle as I could get, still feeling around and trying to get some rhythm – and it was getting better towards the end. But my butt ached and I got out.

From a cardio stand-point, it wasn’t much use. It wasn’t hard work. Neither was it tiresome from a muscle workout point of view too. But, it was enjoyable and I guess that’s what counts. 🙂 – as long as I don’t get stuck in the mud again.

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  1. April 3, 2010 at 4:26 am

    Thank God, you dint fall while trying to get the scull out! You should have called Mottai Prabhakar and gone on the double scull or should have gone out with PV on the pair 🙂 Enzoy, I will also join you soon once I get some basic fitness and loose some weight.

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