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Apr 1, 2010 – Thursday: Upper body weights at Sterling Club

Today was the first day at the Sterling club gym.

They have renovated it and moved it to the first floor – It is a lot more spacious, it is now air-conditioned, cleaner and they got some more new machines – So, certainly, a lot more appealing prospect compared to before.

I woke up a little late today (up by 5:40 only), stretched out and it was almost 6:35 when I was out of home. I ran to the club slowly via Haddows Road – College road and that distance was 1.6 kms.

At the club, I took a look at all the machines, and here is a review of the Sterling club gym:

– Reasonably good in cardio equipment: Got 3 treadmills, 1 elliptical and 1 dingy rowing machine
– Aright in upper body weights machines – Got machines for chest, back, shoulders and free weights
– Good space
– No crowd; Hardly anyone there
– Very close to home

– Bad on the lower body machines – They just got the leg press and that too is an old machine
– Free weights are limited as well. They got some dumbbells and nothing else.
– No medicine ball
– No instructor
– Got just 1 mat in a slightly dirty corner

– The Sterling club is fine for the upper body workouts. I don’t think I’ll do more on this anyway
– Not so good for the legs workouts, but I need to be careful and do without the medicine ball on the squats and calf raises
– Also need to read up/ watch videos on core workouts and see if I can do those there (which can be done at home too, but somehow there is more commitment at the gym)
– Anyway, decided to use the Sterling Club a lot more and balance it out with the Boat club (which will now be used for lower body and rowing)

So, did some upper workouts this morning and ran back home.  This time, I ran via Wheat crofts road, N H Road – which is actually shorter – It is 1.4 kms. 

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  1. saro
    April 1, 2010 at 12:48 pm

    do use sterling club more often, it would save time for u!

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