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Mar 31, 2010 – Wednesday: Sand running at Marina

It was an unique, fun and yet a challenging workout this morning.

We had Shahid, VPS, Tiger, George and I at the Marina, Lighthouse parking lot this morning at 5:30. Later understood that Sudhir Ahuja was waiting for us elsewhere, but joined in the run as well.

Waited for Ramani for a few minutes (we missed you today) and started off by around 5:40 or so. George ran in the roads.

We walked into the beach and started off somewhere in the middle of the beach (midpoint between the road and the sea) and ran towards Anna Samadhi. It was VPS & me, and Shahid and Tiger pairing up.

Boy, it wasn’t easy. It took me a good 5-10 minutes to get used to the sand slipping away from under the foot and there was considerable effort involved in propelling ourselves forward. I guess we were running at no more than 8 kmph and you could feel the legs working.

It was brilliant for several reasons. To start with, there was none of the asphalt hammering that the legs go through when running on roads, and yet there was a good feel to have the muscles pumping.

The freedom of space is altogether a different high. You are on acres of sand with no constraints of traffic, dust, road turns, stray dogs and bumps (ok, there were mini sand dunes). But, picture this – I even ran with my eyes closed for several seconds (on the way back) :-).

The unimpedimented view of the rising sun was fantastic too.

But, don’t get me wrong – it was tough out there. We were running with the wind till half way and when we turned around, the wind was a wall that we had to wade through! The wind was stiff enough to keep humming around the ears all through the run.

I had to switch to a 2:1 RW after 30 minutes at which time I had barely done 4k. Finished in another 10 minutes and 1.2 kms later – and turned out to be a 40 min, ~5k sand run which was as interesting as it could get.

VPS asked me to run on the road for a couple of minutes and we flew! That was another terrific feeling. After all that sand resistance, the legs felt so light! In fact, it feels light even now.

I understand that Vidyut sprints on these sand – how the heck does he do that!? :-O.

Hey – finally, for the doubters out there – There was no yellow stuff, no shards of glass/  plastic, no stench – nothing. Unequivocally recommend this to be on the regular weekly schedule. It’s good fun.

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  1. saro
    March 31, 2010 at 2:24 pm

    marina is supposed to b very clean these days, saw a news item in the paper, some machinery for cleaning the beach!

    • karthikpadmanabhan
      April 1, 2010 at 4:51 am

      Yes, it was quite clean

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