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Mar 26, 2010 – Friday: Last run at Boston

Finished work and got back to the room by 6. Today is the penultimate day, here at Boston, and wanted to go for a run, despite the cold.

And, was I thankful that I did go for the run. I took the other trail (not the short 2k one which I took last time, but the one on the same side as Radisson).

It was a road trail, just like last time, except this was way better. That one was really nice – this one was simply fantastic. It was long and meandering, through the woods, past rivers, lovely houses, over wooden bridges and then past a beautiful lake. There were a few people taking dogs out for walks and kids on bikes – all of them, bar none, either wave, say hello or at least nod. It just kept going. I wish I had a camera to take pictures it. It’s like a painting still fresh in my head.

I ran for 6k and then had to turn around. I would have loved to switch to a run-walk and go for another 15-20 mins more, but it was getting a little dark and I had also promised to meet Matti for dinner at 8.

But, the path was really beautiful. It was chilly, but got used to it quite soon and then it was lovely to run in that weather. Did 12.5k in 1 hour 13 mins. I really didn’t think that conditions would make much of a difference. Maybe there is more to it.

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