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Mar 13, 2010 – Saturday: Run-walk-break

Today was a different run from the Nungambakkam chapter. For starters, we didn’t run in Nungambakkam, but at Marina.

Run part 1: Shahid and I (Karthik) started off just before 5:30 aiming for a 2 hour run. We were doing a 9:1 R:W. We saw VPS waving as he sped past us in his bike at the Music Academy flyover, and later met him, Ramani and Venkat Krishna at the light house.

Run part 2: After that break, it was Shahid, VPS and me running the length of Marina, turned into the nicely and newly laid Swami Sivananda rd (BSNL road) and then past the spanking new Secretariat into Wallaja road, which too has been re-laid and widened. VPS then invited over to take a sneak peek into the TNCA club at Chepauk and took us right to the edge of the hallowed turf of the MA Chidambaram stadium. Quiet today, but is going to be electrifying tomorrow with the CSK match coming up.


130320101209 130320101205 130320101206 130320101207

130320101211 130320101210


The truck that you can see is the broadcasters console – the nerve centre of the entire telecast, where they decide which camera to broadcast, which feed to provide, get the replays, cut for commercials etc.

Run part 3: So, that was very nice. Continued on after that brief sojourn and got back to Marina and met Chandana near Gandhi statue. Then, we decided to go for coffee.

Shahid and I continued on through RK salai and got to the Saravana Bhavan, where we had VPS already waiting (he took the bike from Marina to the Saravana Bhavan) with 3 cups of coffee. Chandana came biking along shortly.

So, here we are, in the middle of our 3rd break (or was it the fourth?) sipping coffee.

130320101215 130320101213 130320101214


Run part 4: Oh yeah, the run wasn’t over yet. We had the coffee and continued on running back and got home some 20 odd mins later.

I’ve read somewhere that coffee wasn’t necessarily a bad thing for runners, and I experienced that first hand today. The coffee was good and the coffee was good. Sorry, bad joke. => It seemed to energize the running actually and the last 3-4 kms after the coffee went quite well.

I think it came to ~18.5k for me, ~20k for Shahid, ~9k for VPS, and I don’t know how much for Ramani, Venkatakrishna and Chandana.

It was a bizarre run but good fun. :-).

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  1. saro
    March 15, 2010 at 2:52 pm

    coffee is ok if it is a small glass!

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