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Mar 10, 2010 – Wednesday: Solo run – Long and slow, but exhausted

I simply had to do a long run today just to give some confidence going into the travel and next weekend’s run. The last 30+ was Auroville, a month back.

Getting out of the bed today was a pain, but I dragged myself out of the bed and out of home just before 4 (3:55).

Started slowly and gingerly. Running solo and so wanted to try looking at some new landscape. Running a 4:1 from the beginning.

Route: Ran through Nungambakkam high road – Village road – T P Road – took a slightly roundabout way to take the GN Chetty road flyover – past Trimentus – Venkat Narayana road – Mount road – through Saidapet – Sardar Patel road – till I got to IIT.

Thus far, I had done ~10 in some 1 hour 10 mins or something. I was slow, slowing further and even tiring. It was also a tad frustrating to tire so fast and having to watch out for speeding vehicles, cope with noise and dust and veering away from stray dogs.

The original plan was to go on straight through to Marina and home, but on an impulse, thought I’ll dive into IIT and see if I get stopped, or by some random chance, get through. I got lucky – finally. :-).

As before, it is so refreshing inside that campus. The temperature drops by a couple of degrees, it is so quiet and serene and the air is so much nicer to breather. I actually can go on – but it’s been chronicled before and so, lets just say that I got my 2nd wind in here and I wanted to make the most of it. Took Bonn Ave – Gajendra circle – went straight on past all the hostels till almost IITM Research park, turned back, took Delhi Ave and got back to the Delhi Ave-Bonn Ave junction. My IIT fixation had not been satiated yet and so did another loop – Bonn Ave. – Gajendra cirlce – Delhi Ave. and then finally exited IIT at around 6:30. Had been running for about 2:35 mins and had covered 22.something kms – but feeling like I had done a 30. 😦

Ran past Anna univ – planetarium, feeling like a dog. I had run out of water as well by then and so stopped at the Kotturpuram junction to refill water. Bought 2 bananas as well – ate one right there and the other over the next 3 breaks.

Switched to a 3:1 at this point – but from here on, I was on flail mode. I was struggling big time when I turned into boat club.

I met <oops, I forgot his name – the runner who works in Citibank and ran with me during the CR anniversary run> who was good enough to run around and give me company through the boat club loop.

Then it was the standard route: Dimensions – Kasturi Rangan road – Poes garden – Gemini – Model school road – Kadar Nawaz Khan road – home.

I was running on empty tanks and switched to a 2:1 close to Gemini.

Got home and I was exhausted. Totally drained out. Not in good shape for Washington and nothing can be done in 8 days. Add in the flight travels, jet lag, cold conditions and the hills – I am screwed.

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  1. Divya
    March 11, 2010 at 5:23 pm

    You are forgetting its going to be RACE DAY!!!! And you have awesome landmarks to look out for during the run that you probably won’t even realize the miles going by.
    You won’t have any of “frustrating to tire so fast and having to watch out for speeding vehicles, cope with noise and dust and veering away from stray dogs” and instead 10000 runners with another 10000 people cheering you on the sides and ofcourse the waterstops + gu stations.

    You will totally rock it!

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