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Mar 7, 2010 – Sunday: Chennai Runners Anniversary run

Long run before

Had agreed with Shahid that we would a long run before the CR Anniversary run. Drove up to Anna Univ and met Shahid there a few minutes before the agreed time and the run started a few minutes earlier as well – at 4:05.

We did the Classic Minus 🙂 – which is the classic without the boat club loop :-). That came to around 14.8k in 1 hour 39 minutes.

We did that using a 9:1 through out. The Nokia Sports Tracker, for once shows a nice graph with the Run-walk clearly indicated.

I am a little confused on how to rate the run. The 9:1 was good – because it gave me the cardio feel of a continuous run and at the same time the breaks allowed for a longer run. But, I was tiring out a little as early at the 10 or the 11k mark. I commented to Shahid at around the 10k mark that I was feeling as I would feel at the 16-17k (or more) mark. At the end of the ~15k, I felt as if I had finished more than a half. The rate of ‘tiring’ (I wish there was some way to measure that) was significantly faster than normal and this is worrying.

Obviously, fitness has deteriorated over the last few weeks and not in the ‘marathon’ shape now. 😦

Anyway, the run was still good and we finished by 5:40 or so. We walked around the Anna Univ loop marking out the turns which the anniversary crowd were supposed to take. It was hardly visible and I don’t think anyone saw that during the actual run. 🙂

CR Anniversary run

We were back at the start point by 6, and then the crowd started coming in. It was fantastic to see so many people. I think close to 50-60 people turned up, most of them in the blue and white CR Tee and it looked great. The atmosphere was fabulous.

Started with a small stretch session and the 5k run (which I think was around 4k 🙂 ) was whistled off sharp at 6:30. It was great to see the entire bunch running through the campus. Very nice. (ah, ok, so, we need to add another 4.something k to the day’s mileage 🙂 )

Obviously, we had another stretching session led by another M-I-A CR stalwart Vidyut, and this was more of a “watch-and-ooh” yoga session which is quite common for me anyway. But, even I had to look away when he did a full leg split like a gymnast and then 3 others, to emulate him came and did a Shirshasana (standing on the head) on the road. Ouch.

Then, there were a few I-was-like-this-a-year-ago, running-changed-my-life, i’m-70+-doing-10k-everyday speeches. Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound cynical even though it came out that way. These speeches were great and really motivating. I could see a whole lot of people open-mouthed, hanging on to every word, really building it up within themselves to join a run shortly – which is exactly the reason for these speeches. It was in great spirit and everyone lapped it up.

Then, we had the group snap. Here we go, and I am right at the back, a speck in the last row.


Then, the cake was cut, we had a big breakfast at the canteen (sponsored by the CRs who handed out the tokens) and that was it. Home by around 8:45.

Nice event and loved it.

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  1. Divya
    March 8, 2010 at 9:07 pm

    Oh wow.. this is truly awesome!

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