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Feb 28, 2010 – Sunday: 25k – Home-AU + Classic

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First up, the Nokia Sports Tracker links:

I originally wanted to do Home-AU + Classic + AU-Home which would be approx 9 + 16 + 9 = ~34k. If that was too ambitious, then the plan was to do a 30k and take an auto back.

Woke up, warmed up and started running at 4:10. It was horrible. I was not feeling good at all. I was stuggling big time right at the beginning. I actually considered going back.

Also, having broken the strap of my watch (the normal one, but which has a stop watch also), I was now reliant on my phone which I had to remove and check to see if 4 mins was up – which almost inevitably would disappoint me every time 🙂 – and then for the reminder of the patch, I would hold it and run. Neither was this ideal for me, or for the phone to be nestled in sweaty palms.

That was the irritating part, but the worrying part was how lousy I felt – for the first 20-25 minutes. And then it cleared up. Slowly, the rhythm returned and progressively, I started feeling better. I was even able to up my pace a little bit – but that should have been easy given my turtle crawl in the beginning.

I took the long way around to AU, and reached there by 5:15. Took 1:05 to cover ~9.3 kms.

Number of CRs out there including a few impressive newbies. The newbies were There was a Kenyan runner (who finished the classic, 16k in 1 hour 15 mins or something), Yash Saran (the imminent quizzer who had won the BrandEquity, Landmark quizzes and performed credibly in the famed Mastermind – more on this later), <someone else> (built like rock and ran like the wind). The old CRs who looked like wimps in front of them were: Shankar (with his new, shiny bike), McKinsey Ramesh, Senthil Anand, <someone else whose name I don’t know> and me.

Tripled up with Shankar and Senthil and ran (no RW) for the first 15 mins and then got back to my run-walk – which was more comfortable and (oh yeah) faster. In the first few walk breaks the Shankar-Senthil duo would overtake me and run ahead, and then I would push a little to get ahead. So, we kept yo-yo’ing for a while before I went ahead and stayed ahead. During this time, I used them as a target to get ahead and pushed a little hard during the runs (- and this was to hurt me later on).

I wasn’t pushing that hard, but could certainly feel it – I wanted the break badly at the end of 4 minutes. But, this was good and bad. Good, because I was going at a pace which was slightly higher than normal (I was probably at around 9.6 kmph or something during the runs and averaging 9 overall) during this patch.

Bad – because of 2 points: One, it still wasn’t fast :-), and the patch didn’t last too long.

I was tiring rapidly and by the time took the right from Besent Nagar beach, I was on flail mode. Also, I got too bugged of having to remove the phone each time and so decided to run from landmark to landmark with untimed walk breaks in between. Oh btw, the ‘landmark’ can be as historically significant as a large tree or a bus-stop or a traffic signal. 🙂

From this point on to the finish inside AU was not good at all – and yeah, I finished inside AU, having decided way, way back that I would not be doing the run back home. So, though I planned for 34 with a minimum target of 30, fell well short and have done a 25k.

Damn! The confusion is whether to call it a good run or a bad run. There were patches of the run which was very good, patches which were very bad and overall failed the target.

But, considering the fantastic breakfast that followed – I’ll call this a good one. 🙂


I actually had a double breakfast. First was at AU, where I had a pongal-vada-coffee and chatting with Yash. Yash ‘recognized’ me from some quiz contest which I had tagged along with Shanta and Bala KK (from Future software days). He actually thought I was an avid quizzer, a misconception which I was quick to clear. But, Yash is – having won BrandEquity, Landmark and participated in Mastermind – you certainly can call him that.

The world shrunk a little more: He is also the partner of Blue Gym, which is owned and run by Karthi Sekar, who happens to be a good friend of Prabhakar Diope (not the runner, but a SSI colleague) and also husband to Mrunalini (who worked in FS briefly).

He wears another hat too: Runs the Snap gym which is a stones throw from my place and one which I was keen to join and try.

So, that was that breakfast conversation.

Got home, showered, changed when Puru called me for his farewell breakfast at Saravana Bhavan, RK Salai. So, I went there and met a bunch of his friends apart from a few CRs (Shankar, Manish Bindroo, Srinath and me).

Had my second breakfast there – Appam, kurma and coffee.

Heard this wonderful, nuggety advice from Manish to the potential CR wannabees (Puru’s friends) – “Think twice about joining Chennai Runners. You can enter, but there is no exit”.

Good banter and a cheer for Puru as he leaves for Bombay tonight. Super runner and nice guy – hope to bump into him sometime.

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  1. Divya
    March 1, 2010 at 5:17 pm

    It is awesome how you bond with all these runners.. I guess just having a common goal brings together people in a very nice way!

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