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Feb 27, 2010 – Saturday: Grinding it out with Kavi, Prasad and Vinod

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You can look at this mornings crawl in multiple ways – the disjointed, rhythm-less was bad, but the fact that we actually did something was extremely good! πŸ™‚

After the party last night, it was horrible to wake up at 4:45. I was feeling lousy. Shankar has his favorite quote whenever people ask him on how he manages to drive all the way from his home at Chrompet to Alwarpet at 4:30 in the morning – “The distance from home to the start line is = distance from the bed to the shoe rack” and I would always retort that in my case it is equal to the distance from the bed to the washbasin.

But, even that seemed long today. The war between good and evil, even if short, was fierce, but good triumphed and I, without any warm-up, left home by 5:10. Walked for the 1st 5 minutes and then pushed myself to do a slow 1:1 till Prashanti – it was that kind of a day.

Kavi was already waiting for me, and so we did a slow 3:1 to Prasad’s house. I had already called him at 5:30 and woken him up and promised to meet outside his apartment at 6. We were there a little early and so did a small loop, but still had to wait for Prasad and Vinod to come – and did another loop.

I could either moan that we had to wait for 5 minutes in the middle of a run, or be really happy that they actually woke up and joined us. We started very slowly on a 3:1, and soon stepped it down even slower :-). Vinod seemed fine and comfortable right through while Prasad struggled but gritted and grunted through the entire session manfully.

So, we ran walked to Anna Nagar Tower, ran/walked a loop inside the Tower park and came back the same way that we had taken on the way up.

Kavi, Vinod, Prasad - near Anna nagar tower

That’s a picture taken on the run and so very blurred. πŸ™‚

Here, I devised a way to stay with a walker (Prasad was on a 0:1 by now πŸ™‚ ), not, obviously, to the liking of Vinod and Kavi: The idea is to run for that 2 mins (or 3 or three or whatever), but for the walk-break, we walk back, retracing our steps and going for 30 secs and then back again in the forward direction for the remaining 30 secs. The advantage of this is:

1) You get the feeling of having run all the way (because you walked back for 30 sec and then forward for 30 secs to get to the same point where you took the walk break)

2) Gives the walker a chance to catch up and be a part of the group.

Ok, agreed – it can be disheartening to walk back and we would lose count of the distance covered, and so we could use this method only when all-walkers are also part of the group.

So, we got back to Prasad’s place and then Kavi and I continued on with our 3:1. Kavi was probably feeling the heat by now and was running extremely slowly. So, we crawled back to Pachayappa college hostel road where I suggested that we do a quick speed burst – and we did that and it was good. πŸ™‚

Then Kavitha peeled off, but I was in no mood to run anymore and so walked all the way back home. Didn’t even attempt to run.

Nokia sportstracker links:

Home – Chetpet – Anna Nagar – Chetpet: http://bit.ly/d86tZp

Chetpet to home walk: http://bit.ly/aOj1Pc

Totally, approx 18k in about ~2 hours 32 mins.

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  1. saro
    March 2, 2010 at 12:52 pm

    good enough

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