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Feb 26, 2010: Running with Kavi

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Tale of 3 runs this morning.

1) Home to Prashanthi (next to Padmini nursing home, Pachayappa college road, Chetpet) via a slightly longer route. Home – College road – Casa major road (Don Bosco) – Spurtank road – joined McNicols road – Prashanti. ~5 k in 30  mins

2) With Kavitha. From Prashanthi – Pachayappa College – Harrington road (through the subway) – straight down Spurtank road – Casamajor road – Montieth lane – almost until Rajarathinam stadium and back, except right at McNicols road – shortcut at the top of the bridge.

Slow run on the way up, walked and then run-walked (3:1) on the way down. ~8.5k in 1 hour 10 mins.

3) From there to back home. Straight forward route – Ega – McNicols road – Village road – Nungambakkam high road – Haddows Road – Home. ~3.2k in 22 mins.  4:1 run-walk

Total <17 k in about 2 hours.

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