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Feb 22, 2010 – Monday: Weights at Crowne Plaza gym

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Audit got completed by 6. Got back to the room, changed and went to the Gym with Praveen.

There was an instructor who was just about to start an aerobics class when I got in. Never done that before and so joined in. Bloody hell! 2 things happened: 1) I am so clumsy with no coordination whatsoever between my head, arms and legs. I not only have 2 left legs, but 2 left hands, crooked eyes and a head which gives the limbs all muddled messages. So, I would be the only guy tripping over the step, facing everyone when they turn around, moving to wrong directions, stepping with the wrong leg, always 2 moves behind – and pretty much looking like an idiot. 🙂 2) It was still tiring and was not sure if I would last the entire session.

So, I did the best thing possible – after 10 minutes of looking like a fool – I stopped.

But, it warmed me up for a good weights session. It was like Saturday – did a whole body work out with light weights. Felt good. But, the embarrassing part was  –  Praveen. Here is a guy who had never been to a gym before. He wore hotel slippers to the gym and would look at the machines as apprehensively as a vegetarian in a Jakarta food court.  I would flamboyantly demonstrate how to work a particular muscle using as much terminology as I knew – lat, triceps, ham, glut etc were all thrown in – finish my set and turn the machine over to him. He would finish one set as quick as the kid counting down to 15 while playing I-spy – and then clarify which muscle was supposed to burn because he couldn’t feel much. I had no option but to increase the weight by at least 2 plates to the ones that I was grunting with to elicit a “Ah, ok, ok – Now, I can feel it” reaction from him.

I kept convincing myself that I would cream him in the lower body work out, when the same process repeated there as well, I would have paid for a place to hide.

I now convince myself that I can do better in the cardio section, but wisely kept him away from the bikes and treadmills.

Got back, showered, spoke to Deeps briefly and went for dinner at around 8:45.

Damn! This country is stupid that way – the entire food court was deserted and all shops were closed at 9! Can you believe that – all shops in the mall are shut and not a single joint in the food court was open! We rushed out and found a Burger King just outside the mall. Had a big veggie burger + coke + onion rings for dinner – All what I shouldn’t be eating. 😦

Food wise, bad day – Buffet breakfast + pasta for lunch + burger and rings for dinner – ouch.

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  1. Divya
    February 23, 2010 at 6:55 pm

    Ask Praveen to run 42 kms!! I am sure you will get him there 🙂

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