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Feb 9, 2010 – Tuesday: Yoga at Haddows road park

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Even while I kept the alarm last night, I was not sure what I was going to do this morning. Having done the long run on Sunday + having completely rested yesterday, I still was not sure if a short run today would be good – or – would weights be a better idea – or – did I need more rest (after all, I am supposed to be tapering down).

Anyway, I kept the alarm for 5:00 and pushed the decision to this morning. Thankfully, I didn’t snooze and sleep as I normally would if I was undecided ;-), but went for a walk at the Haddows road park. It felt like a good idea because I wouldn’t be doing anything tiring while doing <something>.

The walk was a little boring because the whole park is ~350 mts which at a normal speed walk (at ~6 kmph) would be covered in ~3 m 30 secs. Here is the sportstracker link to that walk with me doing a manual lap at the end of each round.

I saw Abhijit Shome zip past me (running) and so I joined him and ran for a couple of laps. So, the whole walk was ~3.6 k or something.

But, the best part was get to come. Abhijit had told me about the yoga sessions at this park earlier and he was running while waiting for the group to assemble. I joined them as well – and it was fantastic! :-).

Just searched for “yoga at Haddows Road park” and found several references – got one link which tells you about the guru and the organization which is leading this — http://myhealthcity.in/category/yoga/

They were about 13 of them + the guru + 2 others (Hari and Rhoda, if I got the names right) who were leading the session. The group were mostly middle-aged women, but gosh! they were fantastic. Totally outstanding.

The lady next to me (Vijaya) lent me her spare mat and we went through a series of asanas. It was seriously terrific. That I could not do half the stuff properly is not a surprise, but the elasticity of the others certainly was. Specifically, Vijaya was a rubber band.

..another one where I simply watched open-mouthed

The session started exactly at 6:30 – The initial ones were simple and then just got tougher and tougher and then finished with some breathing stuff – at around 7:30.

Amazing stuff – I simply need to push this one into the schedule. What a super way to start the day. Felt really good after that.

How I wish people at home were also inclined towards these.

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