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Feb 2, 2010 – Tuesday: Nungambakkam Fun run

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Run link from Sportstracker.

Copy-pasting from the run report sent to CRs

It was a fun run today. Puru and I met close to my house and slowly ran to the start point. While we waited for VPS to join, we walked inside MCC school. VPS had taken us inside several times before and so I was confident that I could walk in as well.

But, now I guess it is confirmed that I got the jinxed, crooked face that just got to be stopped at every gate – including the MCC – where the security handed over the Walkers forms to us. 🙂

Anyway, VPS joined shortly and the run was simply awesome. As usual, the Chetpet runs have their fun-filled, interesting moments, and today’s was when we decided to run inside the St George school at Poonamalai high road (this is the one which hosts several exhibitions; The recent Madras Book fair was hosted here).

They had a Police parade on right at that time in the main grounds, but that didn’t stop us from exploring this vast, sprawling, ancient (estd. 1789) school located in the middle of the city. Don’t miss the pic attached of VPS and Puru hitching a ride in the toy train. 🙂

Police parade at St George's school

Derelict building inside St George's school

Senthil and Puru

School from the back

Ran back to MCC, and this time around got saluted by security as VPS swept past the main gates. Damn it, do they have to rub it in? At that point, we had done about 6k in 36 mins.

We did a lap inside the school as well, which is probably the closest I would get to experiencing a trail in Madras. :-). After our stretches, VPS challenged us to a plank time-trial: I quit in 45 sec, Puru quit in 2 mins and looks as if the tyre in the belly is pretty strong after all.

Puru and I did a slow 3:1 run-walk back home after that. Great fun and loved it.

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  1. vijay
    February 2, 2010 at 8:45 am

    Am out of steam just reading about all your running.Have you gotten yourself a new watch,does it show the time as well?

    • karthikpadmanabhan
      February 3, 2010 at 4:41 am

      @Vijay – No new watch. Still with the Fastrack normal watch. It has a stopclock also, but otherwise that’s it. Supposed to get a new one, which is still on the way.. coming..

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