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Jan 31, 2010 – Sunday: Sunday long run, some lessons learnt

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Just more than 33k in 4 hours and 2 mins.

Route: Home – AU – Velankani church turn around – Marina (via foreshore estate) – Cathedral road – Home.


Story to be updated later 🙂


No big story and too stale anway. Briefly – got out of home at 4:15 and did a 4:1 almost all the way. Met Shahid, totally by chance, while running through the boat club area and stuck with him after that. Had about a 5 min break at AU. The CRs were there in full strength and here is their report.

Shahid and I ran till Velankani, turned back, ran through Foreshore estate (through the fisherman’s lane) to Marina, left at Radhakrishnan salai and home. Shahid’s target was 3:30 and so exactly at that point which came near Sri Krishna sweets at RK salai, he gave me a gatorade and took an auto. :-). Our pace was slow, very slow – but we stuck to a 4:1 which was the good part. After Shahid left, I reduced to a 3:1 but increased the pace a wee bit.

Main note from this run:

  • The 1st 20-25 minutes was a struggle, as if I was having some real hassles warming up. Felt stiff for a very long time. The run became comfortable only after I exited Poes garden – which is 30 minutes after I started.
  • The good part of the run was from there on, all the way till Malar hospital on the return. I started to feel the pain and the heat around that time – the 23-24 km mark. Pace slowed considerably after that.
  • Seemed as the cardio held up through the run. No major worries on the cardio part. Touch wood.
  • I could feel the leg batteries draining somewhere in the Fisherman’s lane. The worrying part is the rate of battery depletion. It just seemed to plummet – and the last 5 kms or so were what I now have termed as the ‘flail’ – Nothing is in position. Everything is falling over, no rhythm, no consistency – just looking desperately at the watch waiting for the next break almost as soon as one break gets over.
  • Having started at 4:15 and finishing just past 8:15, we beat the heat – almost all the way. It will be a different story when we start running at 6 and ending much past 11.
  • I have no idea about how it would be on a trail run. I consciously run on the smooth parts of the road, avoiding the patches. Whenever, I don’t have a choice and have to run on an uneven surface, it seems to bother me.  Wonder if that would be a problem and how I would get over that.

So, basically, still worried. Very.

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