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Jan 29, 2010 – Friday: Finally, a decent in-week work out

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There was no way that I would be skipping today as well. It almost seems as if I been taking it too easy since Sunday, like as if a lull had settled in. Maybe I was feeling complacent. So, thanks to all these thoughts, I woke up and didn’t give a second thought to sleeping more.

Stretched out a bit and ran-walked to the club. Slow and reasonably steady pace, but seemed as if I was feeling rusty and took almost 15 mins (3rd break) for me to feel comfortable. Even then, I was not feeling that good. Anyway, did the ~6k stretch in just under 40 mins (39 mins and 40 secs).  Home to boat club:  http://bit.ly/98iE67

It was lower body weights as usual in the club. Did squats, leg press, extension, standing leg curl and calf raises. Standard stuff.

I always knew that I didn’t have much strength and need to build up muscles and all that, but today simply added more perspective to it. I was doing leg presses with 7 weight-plates. Dr Devendra, all of 50+ years, walked in after his long walk, sat on the machine, pressed with the same weights and the metal board just swung away like there were no weights attached. He looked equally surprised, turned and gave me a look as if to say “you were grunting with THAT?”, but was polite enough to say nothing, and just added 3 more plates to do a 15*3 set.

To make matters worse, the instructor explains – “Oh, Karthik sir does very less weights, you please add more”

Anyways, I swallowed that insult and the injury and went on with my normal work out which I had vainly thought was decent, but not quite.

Ran-walked back and this time, I pleasantly found a better rhythm (see, weight helps even in the immediate run) – did almost exactly the same pace/ speed.  Boatclub to home: http://bit.ly/aNPpFk.

Feels better today with a little bit of guilt washed off.

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