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Jan 26, 2010 – Tuesday: The easy run that wasn’t

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Shankar posted y’day that he would be on for an “Easy run” of about 5-8 kms around Boatclub. I must have been a fool to trust that because I landed up at Dimensions at 5.

Ram was there as well and the “easy run” became a full, almost all-run (except for the very end when I simply had to walk) ~11.5 k run in about 73 minutes making it almost 10 kmph avg.

We had Ram, Shankar, Senthil, Karthikeyan, Aparna (newbie with Karthikeyan and she surely looked like an athlete), Bharani (who had planned on a 30k today) and me. The group split into 2 right at the beginning. It was Ram, Senthil, Bharani and me followed by the other 3.

Senthil and I were Pulled along by Ram while the Super-fast Bharani kept running rings around us. 🙂

Here is the run: http://dailymile.com/e/3cAZ

We wanted to sneak into IIT but the guards stopped us and shooed us away. Just as well because I didn’t feel like running too much today.

The run was good and bad. I probably didn’t enjoy the run as much because my legs probably had not recovered yet and it was aching at different places at different times – thighs, knees, shin, feet, heel – it was very odd and uncomfortable. No massive pain – just aches. The one that is lasting now is a pain however – at the side of my right foot.

Once we got back, Ram took us through his stretches. We discovered that the 2nd group got into IIT! Dammit. Something wrong with me then.

Got home, iced my foot and chilling out now.

Anyway, still on track with my plan. What is important though is the very last row.

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  1. saro
    January 26, 2010 at 7:10 am

    hey, take it easy untl the marathon, dont overdo urself!!

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