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Jan 17, 2009 – Sunday: My longest run ever

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Am exhausted but equally happy. :-). My longest ever – 35.5 k in 4.23. Slow, but long. Updates later.


Oh Damn, I am seriously tired now. :-). Woke up at 3:20 or so. Started from home just past 4, and did a 4:1 RWR to AU. To make it a little longer, I took the Cathedral road-Poes Garden-Curvy flyover-RA Puram side roads – Boatclub – Kotturpuram – AU. Great weather, no traffic, all street-lights on and a fresh set of legs made this a good segment of the run. Made it to 10 to 10.5 kms in about 70-75 minutes or so.

Chenthil joined me at AU, and apart from a couple of minutes (which anyway would be there in my RWR), there was no really no break as we ran out of AU and stayed faithful to the CRs classic. We continued with the 4:1, tipped down the pace and went along nicely.

I tried the strategy which has been tried on me a few times with people who I’ve run with, especially Prabhakar. Whenever I flag a little, he used to up the tempo and after a while come back to the earlier pace. I do not if that is a good idea or not, but the theory he used to offer was 2 part: 1) In increasing the pace, we tend to use different muscles and the ‘normal’ ones get a slight ‘break’ ;  2) If we are flagging a little, we push and get the heart beating faster, and then we reduce it doesn’t seem that big any more.

I do not know if this theory is correct or works or whatever, but I tried that today with Chenthil and not sure if it worked. @Chenthil – Do you think it did? or did it have the opposite effect?

Anyways, somewhere before Indira Nagar, we shifted to a 3:2 (Chenthil suggested a 3.5:1.5! – and I was going crazy looking at my watch and calculating when 3 and half minutes gets over and all that). At that time, I had just finished a half and wasn’t exactly a very sharp, bright and energetic period for me as well. :-).

Water got over by then and we stopped at a shop near Madhya Kailash and refilled. I was contemplating whether I could continue on to do a 30 or a 35 if possible.  We continued on and got through the AU gates. Chenthil wrote that AU-to-AU was 16.5k in 2:03. I was tired, but wanted to go on as much as possible.

Basically, I have been reading a bit about the wall last week  – according to that, the body muscles stores about 30k worth of <whatever> in them and once they are depleted, it is like hitting a wall where they refuse to move any further – and I wanted to see how that would feel like. I was sure that I would be hitting it much earlier than 30k and had enough money on me to take an auto when I had to.

So, I went on; Tried to do a 4:1 again, but quickly (with the very 1st one) realized that I certainly would not be able to. Tried a 3:1 and even that felt bad and then switched to a 2:1.

I took the new Turnbulls road-Cenetoph road flyover and can claim to have run through that now. I took the Chittaranjan road left through Stalin’s house – that’s a great road to run. I guess it was somewhere here that I really started struggling and lost total control over any rhythm and was just running/ walking and struggling big time. I think I was alright from a Cardio perspective, but my legs were aching like hell.

I took a whole lot of side streets to entertain myself – There were at least 3-4 streets where they were blaring old MGR classics. Is today MGR’s birthday or something? Side streets are good – nice entertainment, don’t have to watch out for traffic and speeding vehicles, less smoky – basically lots of stuff to distract yourself with. The problem, however, was that I got lost – I took a wrong side street at Eldams road which just looped back. Damn it – I could have done without that.

In fact, that patch – from Stalin’s house till I got into Poes garden was the worst. Fortunately, I didn’t see an auto. I switched to 2:1 and 1:1 alternatively. i.e I would do a 1:1, and then a 2:1 and then a 1:1 and so on from Poes garden onwards, right through Cathedral road, took the Model school road – Kadher Nawaz Khan road – Wallace garden and home.

Phew! I don’t think I could have gone any further. I was totally, totally gone at that point.

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  1. Divya
    January 18, 2010 at 5:29 pm

    Wow!! You are amazing da! I am speechless!

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