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Jan 14, 2009 – Thursday: Some weights, but knee’s paining

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The bed is so comfortable here that it was such a struggle to get out of that, this morning. I dragged myself to the gym, but my left knee was paining right from the time I got up, all the way down to the gym. 😦

3 days back it was the left knee, but that went away, to be replaced  by the right knee. Now, the right knee pain is gone, but the left has started again. 😦

Anyway, that pretty much ruled any running out, and in fact did not even want to risk the elliptical.

The gym was superb again – great equipment. It was not in the same class as the Seoul one, but this was really nice too. It opens only by 6, and I had committed to meeting the audit jingbang for breakfast by around 7:30 with a plan to depart by 8.

So, not much time – Did 20 minutes of cycling, followed by some light weights, and have now rushed back to the room. The damn swipe card didn’t work and so lost more time in going back and getting a replacement.

Don’t ask why I am typing all this and losing more time!? It’s 7:15 now and I am rushing for my shower.

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