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Jan 6, 2009 – Wednesday: Short run but super MCC run – added Pachiyappa loop

I love these Nungambakkam/ MCC runs: Starts later (6:00 am), saves time (no car rides), good company, decent pace, great nostalgic route and a short and comfortable distance (around 6k).

I added another ~2 k by slowly run-walking from home to MCC. Reached there by 5:50 but waited for about 20 minutes for everyone to come. The ‘everyone’ there were 2 others – vps (Senthil) and another CR stalwart who is rejoining after a fairly long hiatus.

Today, we took a small detour and added a loop through Pachaiyappa college as well. It is not as big as I anticipated and was the first time inside that campus – It was all that you can imagine about a rowdy college 🙂 – plenty of anti-ragging signboards, tobacco ban posts (in fact there was even a notice about an anti-tobacco task force), college election posters, derelict class rooms and bit of a mess here and there. But, there were a fairly good number of walkers too, and as we were exiting through the side gate into the road that leads to the Harrington road subway, we saw Arya (the actor) come in! It was a surprise to see him there.

Got back to MCC and did a run around the perimeter of the school ground and finished with around 6 kms in all.

There was a single footballer practicing in the ground and vps joined him acting as the goalie while he practiced his free kicks.

vps - goalie

Gearing up for the punch save

In what is becoming ‘as usual’ vps dropped me home by around 7. 🙂

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