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Dec 30, 2009 – Wednesday: A great run at IIT

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It was so difficult to get off the bed this morning. But, I am really happy I did because it really was a splendid run this morning.

We had Ram, Shankar, Puru and me at Dimensions. Today was a milestone run for Ram because he was on the verge of completing 2500 kms for the year and 250 kms for the month. He had about 15 kms for both milestones.

Started from Dimensions, went through Greenways road – Malar – Gandhi Nagar – onto IIT. Ram was setting a hectic pace and I was really struggling to keep up with them. All I wanted to do was to keep up till we went passed the IIT security guards (we cannot run inside there without a pass) and then I planned to slow down and let them go.

But, in the morning, at 5:40 or so, running in there is simply so beautiful. Even at that time, you can feel the difference in just about all aspects – The environment completely changes; The cacophony disappears when the traffic gets muted, the film of dust and smoky air is replaced by a breeze that you want to keep gulping in; Even the roads look like roads – not a patchwork of tar and stones – it was really fantastic.

We just kept running for about 20-30 minutes inside IIT when we had a walk break. It was more of a talk break actually. 🙂

I hated going out again – through Kotturpuram – Boat club – De Mento colony – which was when Ram got to his target. A few 100 meters later we finished back at Dimensions.

Here – some pics clicked by Shankar during the run and his run report.

Totally, we did 15.6 kms in 1 hour 40 minutes, which included a walk break for about 4 mins.

Some 2010 targets were set for me by Ram – which I’ll update on the next post shortly.

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