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Nov 27, 2009 – Friday: Chetpet run this morning

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The Chetpet easy runs are back. Initiated yesterday by Senthil Kumar, who is returning from a small hiatus. These Chetpet runs were on previously, when I was just a lurker in the CR mail groups, and stopped just as I actually started running with them. So, today was my 1st Chetpet run.

Really struggled out of bed this morning by around 4:30. The run starts from MCC school gate, Harrington road at 5:30 and so I left home at 5:10, and thought I could walk there in < 15 minutes. But after some 5 minutes of walking, I hadn’t even reached the end of Haddows road, and so started a very slow jog from there. It is exactly 2 kms from home, and so reached there on time.

Senthil (vps) and Sudhir Ahuja (the old man with the young spirit) were there already and we did the Chetpet run.


It was a nice flashback run for me, running through my school day roads. There were few CR landmarks as well – Sandy’s house, Shumit’s house, Arun Kumar’s house – all pointed out by Senthil. It was a very nice run. Slow and steady.

Once we finished, we went inside MCC and that campus evoked several memories (we used to have our sports day here) as well. I was busy walking down nostalgia lane, but Senthil was far from done. . So, we went for another run inside MCC, around their, rather large, sports ground. Did our stretches there and wrapped up by around 6:30.
Senthil dropped me back home on his bike. So, that was nice too.

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