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Nov 21, 2009 – Saturday: With Sanjay

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Woke up this morning only by 5, stretched very little and went to Peters road to pick up Sanjay, at 5:30. He was up, unbelievably, but hardly ready. The family trait was soon on display – he wanted a coffee and he declared, rather proudly, that he was incapable of anything without his morning caffeine dose. Saravana Bhavan was not open yet, but Sanjay found this tiny shop where they served coffee. Before I could even notice – he lit up the smoke. Damn! But, he did throw it half smoked because I was protesting and nagging at the same time.

Finally, we went to AU – almost since I wanted to punish him for the smoke => At AU, unlike the boatclub, you have no choice but to finish the 4.odd course. . So, we started off at around 6:10 or so – at a gentle trot (in Sanjay’s own words), not even a jog. Even at that we did a 3:1 initially, then a 2:1 and then 1:1 – and from midway, we walked all the way.

But, there was this point right in the middle (just before we started walking), when Sanjay surprised the hell out of me by screaming “I’ll race you to the gate” and shot off like Jimbles arrow – and though I gamely tried racing him across that ~100 m distance – it was such a close finish that I don’t know who won. So, there was a lot of life in those legs of his.

All that apart – it still took us 40 mins for 4.few kms => basically, nice walk, but still very nice.

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