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Dec 27, 2009 – Super Sunday: ~28k run

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Horrible to get out of bed at 3 in the morning, sorry, mid-night. But I was there at AU by 4 sharp and was surprised to see a big crowd. I think there were close to 20 odd runners at that time.

This is the route – http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=3380397

Started off and was doing a solo RWR for the 1st 4-5 kms. There was this runner, Subra, who was running at the same avg pace as I was. So, we would cross each other twice every 5 minutes. Somewhere in Cathedral road, I asked if he would join me for a RWR and then we ran together from then on. It was great to have him for company – on a solo run, it wouldn’t have been possible to run that long or hard. While I was looking at my watch often to check on the breaks, he had a technique of counting paces. Almost every time, he would perfectly orchestrate the breaks and the minute tick-over. For most of the run, we were doing, according to Subra, 75-80 paces per minute with not too much variation.

Shankar had arranged for a volunteer to drive around and help – that was great and we had some bananas and gatorade at Munro statue, which was 12 or 13 kms after the start. I had gatorade in 2 of my fuel belt bottles and that helped too.

Back to what we did finally – 1 hour 4:1, 90 minutes 3:1, 30 Mins 2:1 and the rest was 1:1.

I was also carrying my phone with sports tracker which gave great data – route, time, pace, current speed, avg speed, distance and all that jazz – which helped to refer and occupy our heads while we ran.

According to the watch, we did 30.24 km in 3:20 – which is a round 9 kmph

However, according to Gmap, the same, exact route comes only to 28 kms. . I tend to trust gmap better because it has been perfectly accurate in the past and the sports tracker is inherently flawed (several times it gave me data which obviously was wrong – e.g. it tells me that my max speed was 20 kmph!). So, when you take 28 kms, it comes to much less flattering 8.4 kmph.

Nevertheless, my longest ever run, both in terms of distance and time. .
Had kichadi and coffee at AU canteen; chatted with the CRs there and by the time I got back home, it was almost 9.

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  1. saro
    December 28, 2009 at 12:16 pm

    who said ur blogs boring??

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