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Dec 22, 2009 – Tuesday: Guess who I ran with!

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Things were getting deary at office when Deepu called and asked if we could run today! . Basically, she has been going on thing where she feels that people are making too much of my running (which is totally true). She is just not able to stand the fuss that I make as well – going to bed too early, waking up early, blogging (read – bragging) about it and all that. She feels that the jazz is too noisy. She scored one heavily a few days back when she stretched along with me and she was far, far more flexible than I. Now, she took one more step towards bursting the running bubble.

Anyway, we planned and reached the boatclub at around 4:30 and we started run-walking at 5 sharp. We initially started with a 2:1 R:W but cut back to a 1:1 and we stuck to it. Get a load of this – we did 3 loops (so 1.4 * 3 = 4.2 kms) in about 35 minutes, and then walked another loop making it 5.6 km in all. Not bad at all. She really surprised me.

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