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Dec 20, 2009 – Sunday: A perfect sunday; a 20k

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Great run this morning. Woke up at 4, did my stretches and left home by 4:55. Was there at AU by 5:10 and as I was parking, a bunch of guys joined in. When all of us reached the starting point, there were huge bunch of people who were already there. This was probably the largest group of CRs that I had seen (excepting the ECR runs).

Then, there were the 30k runners who had already started at 4:30 and were still running inside AU campus to make up for the extra 10-12k to be added to the classic plus. The Mumbai madness has set in and there is a fairly large contingent going from here. With less than a month to go, this and the next Sunday runs are their last long runs before they start tapering down (all tidbits I heard while standing there )

Anyway, I decided to pair up with Ramesh Seshadri, a 5:1 RWRer, who had just recently completed the Singapore marathon in about 5 hours. He was planning to do a classic (16 km), but all run slowly. Initially, I wanted to do a 20km RWR, but a 16 km all-run was equally good in my mind.

This is what I ultimately did – link to Gmap

And so we set off, by around 5:20 or so. Ramesh’s pace was perfect – it was around 9 and kept it there. We ran that way for more than 30 mins, when suddenly he said that he wasn’t feeling comfortable (and he was equally perplexed) and said that he would be slowing down and asked me to run ahead. Instead, I suggested that we do a RWR from that point onwards – and so we did that, a 5:1 from the entrance of Judge’s colony (at around 5.6 km mark) for the next 2.5 kms (till the right that goes into the Bluecross ave) , but again Ramesh asked me to go ahead and said that he was going to be walking.

So, from then on, it was a solo run. I did a 4:1 for the next 1 hour – exactly 1 hour, by which time, having reached Velankani church, turned back and did the same route back, I was on the boatclub return loop. So, I assume that I must have done close to 9 kms (probably around 8.6 or 8.7) during that 1 hour RWR.

I was tiring at that time, and so switched to a 2:1 directly. It was less than 4 kms to go from then and at 2:1, it was alright. Difficult, but was within reach. Finished at around 7:40 or so.


I didn’t hang around, but simply got into the car and drove back. I stretched at home, had a massive, massive breakfast and slept! Slept for 2 hours.

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