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Dec 16, 2009 – Wednesday: I hate my weighing scale

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Had a real nice Chetpet run this morning, which mercifully starts only at 6. So, was able to sleep just that little bit longer, but was still late and so jogged slowly to MCC. Reached there by 5:55 and had some famous CRs running with me today – We had Senthilkumar (race director for the ECR runs), Sudhir Ahuja (the old man with a young heart and younger legs), Bharghav (fresh after setting his PB in the Singapore marathon) and finally Shahid Kandrikar (marathon chaser and currently preparing for the Comrades ultra in Durban, South Africa, May 2010)

Guys, in case you ignored that link: Comrades ultra is a 89 km (56 miles) endurance run with a time limit for every 15 kms! Grueling!

Funnier still was how I found out: He was wearing this funky watch which kept beeping, without any specific pattern, and so I asked him if he was not one of those Garmin addicts that most of the CRs are, and he replies that he has a Garmin 405, but the battery doesn’t last long enough! Obviously, that answer took me by surprise and so I asked how long it lasts and he said that that it lasts for about 6-7 hours. It was a while before I recovered to ask the next question.

Now for the funny beeping: He had set the heart rate limits as between 135 to 145 and it would beep every time it goes either below 135 or above 145. He was setting the pace and I was finding it real hard to keep up with him, and he kept going faster because the watch kept beeping since his heart rate had not touched 135 yet. Finally, it did – at a pace when I was gasping for breath and he was coasting at his desired heart rate limits.

Thankfully, the rest of the guys, though CR legends in their own right, were a little closer to being mortal and they rescued me. I still had company to run at my pace.

Again, a great run since we looped around my school area – McNichols road and Nowroji road – beautiful, and we took the MCC back gate (another Nostalgic bout), did another small loop around Harrington road and finished back at the MCC gate – 8 kms in all, in about 50 minutes.

Senthil dropped me home again. Nice guy.

Evening updates:
Got home and stood on the scale. I am extremely disappointed with my weighing scale – just as I thought he was becoming my friend, he turned foe. I was steadily, even though minutely, dropping down. I had bought it down to 81.5-82 or something and was even harboring hopes of cracking the 80 mark before Christmas, and making a good push towards the New year so that, even if I were have a party, I can still enter ‘10 on a sub-80. I guess I was dreaming – the damn scale tipped 83.something and pissed me off.

So, I ate and ate – almost in anger, lots of fatty food and even potato chips on top of it – and then felt guilty as usual.

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