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Dec 15, 2009 – Tuesday: Hill runs

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Woke up at 4:30, did some yoga (not the whole set, but a few) and headed to the Dimensions gym. Today was the Tuesday Hill runs. But, hardly anyone turned up. In fact, none of the regulars turned up. McKinsey Ramesh was there, and there was another newbie, Ashwin – and so we went.

Ramesh set the pace. He set his legmill at some 10.something km/ hr and that was it. The flyover up or down, plain roads, dark roads, dogs loitering – nothing made a difference. He was at that constant speed. Huh!? I don’t know how he did that. So, he went away.

Since Ashwin was new, I decided to run with him. Initially I was skeptical since he said that he was preparing for the Mumbai marathon (in Feb ‘10) and thought he might disappear as well – but it was the other way around. He was struggling big time. I slowed down and slowed down more for him to join and this went on till we reached the 2nd flyover (Cathedral road – Savera) where I went a bit ahead and he waved me off.

So, I was running solo till I reached the Alwarpet curvy flyover. Ramesh was one his 1st reverse uphill and I joined him; Ashwin joined us later too (when we were on our 3rd). We did 6 up and downs (running up and walking down) and ran back to Dimensions. Nice run. 1 hour, 8 kms overall, which included about 2 kms of uphill running and 2 kms of walking down, remaining being flat road running.

Started bucketing down just as we started from there. Good timing.

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