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Oct 25, 2009 – Sunday: AU Sunday classic run

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It was a super run yesterday. This was the largest group of CRs I had seen in any of the runs. There were about 20 of them in all – and almost all of them were the CR stalwarts – each of them planning to run in the excess of 20kms. Ouch.

There were a small group, obviously, headed by Ramesh Seshadri (him + Narayanan + Ramani and Shankar) who were doing a 5+1 RWR. Ramesh has been a vocal supporter of the RWR and is planning to run his Singapore marathon that way. He, unlike me, is a very accomplished runner and so I could not have found a better endorsement for RWR. I joined them hoping that 5:1 would not be a big change from the 4:1 which I was accustomed to.

Well, the 5 minute run was not a problem since the pace was similar to my running speed as well. But the 1 minute walk was a massive problem. Apparantly, no one had told Narayanan the meaning of a break, nor the concept of slowing down. He claims that the 1 min walk was “brisk” – while to me, I almost had to run to keep up with their walking pace. My body and mind found that unacceptable. It was completely offended by the suggestion to “walk” at the speed during a break to recover.

So, after a while of gamely trying to hang on, I gave up and switched back to my 4:1 – with a slightly faster running pace and a much needed crawl break. To my massive surprise, that group did not disappear from sight. We ended up overtaking each other every 5 minutes and that was fun.

It became a nice pattern – I ran a little faster, but took a real slow break every 4 minutes. They were running a little slower, but longer (5 mins), and walked “briskly” 😉 during their break. The net result was that we were never really seperated by much – even when I stopped and bought some cold water from a roadside stall in Besent Ave. I thought carrying the bottle and running might be a small problem – but it was not. 

I really liked the run until Velankani church, which if I remember right arrived just past an hour of running. I started fagging out shortly after that. But, I was then joined by Senthil – a wiry, bespectacled, young runner who has been running for the last 1.5 years or so. In this  run, he had been running in multiple groups – initially with a group and then joined the 5:1 RWRs (who were behind us at that stage) and then came in to run with me.

It was then, just after Velankani church, that I shifted to 3:1.

He seemed fresh as a daisy – and spoke non-stop! I was getting fagged out and tiring down, and here was a guy who was talking about just about any topic – office, running fundas, shoes, accessories – phew! It was both good and bad – Good, because the company meant that I didn’t feel the fatigue as much and also kept me motivated to keep running; Bad, because I simply couldn’t talk and he was asking me one question after another. :-). Overall, it was good.

It was during that run that he requested me to buy the Asics shoes – He caught me at a time when I certainly could not think of any excuses 🙂 – and so only nodded an affirmative reply. Anyway, there is really no problem since I plan to buy a watch and a water belt during my coming trip.

Finally, got into AU and reached the start-stop point after 1 hour 42 minutes of running – 16 kms (according to Gmap) at an average of 9.4 kmph. 

We were the 1st set of runners to report back in. The rest of the 20 runners slowly started trickling back in the next 15-30 minutes – each having done 20k+. The pack which was right behind us (the 5:1 bunch), forked into IIT and ran an additional 5-6 kms there. Among them, Ramesh ran even more after he got into AU – and so was the penultimate runner to finish – after RWRing a whopping 26 kms. My gaping mouth hadn’t shut yet when Ram runs in after completing 30k.

We were strething out when we had an interesting visitor: Wendy, a runner from the US, spending a few months in India, living at RA Puram, who had heard of the CRs and so dropped into AU to say hello.

All of us, including Wendy, trooped into the AU canteen as soon as the bell sounded (at 7:30 sharp) to feast on a calorie filled breakfast – pongal, vadae, dosa, coffee – ate like a damn pig.

The rest of the day was spent on putting back (and more) calories burnt. Out of the 7 meals since Friday eve, 5 have been outside; All 3 meals yesterday was taken out, not to mention the beer, cokes and goodies yesterday. 😦

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