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Oct 23, 2009 – Friday: Easy run

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Woke up at 4:00; Did some stretches and yoga and was at Dimensions just past 5. Ram was already there looking for anyone to turn up. The ever enthusiastic Shankar came in as usual. He is terrific. He drives in from Chrompet to Alwarpet everyday to run and is easily the most consistent runner I have ever met. He has not missed a day so far – either with his runs or with his posts to the mailgroup at the end of every run.

For me, today’s objective was to run continously. I’ve been cribbing about being unable to get out of the RWR routine and so all I wanted to do was run slow, run steady but run continously. No better company for that than Shankar. So, off we went – 3 of us – but Ram was running long and was doing the 12 km Velankani Church run. He was good enough to run at our crawling pace till Malar after which he took off.

We ran real slow. We did 6 kms in 40 mins at 9 kmph – and that too was because the last 1 km was done a little faster. But, we were able to talk right through the run and so we hardly felt the run. It was good. 🙂

Just as I finished this post, Shankar’s daily mail update came in. This contains 1 conversation snippet during our run – where I committed to running a marathon in a years time and Shankar promised to put that publicly so that I would have no choice. 🙂

Hi All,

Karthik and I reached Dimensions Gym at 5:10 am and saw Ram ready. Ram asked what we wanted to do and since we did a LSD yesterday I said an easy run of about 5-6k. Ram declared earlier to our arrival he had planned to do Velankanni and back. We said we would return from Malar Hospital. We started our run at 5:18 am. The climate is becoming so good for the runs, I enjoy the chillness.

We all ran together till Malar Hospital and in the meantime Ram had set a realistic goal for Karthik to run a Full Marathon by next year (twelve months from now) to which Karthik has agreed. Karthik and myself ran back from Malar and Ram went ahead for Velankanni Church.

We met Sreedhar on our way back at Greenways Road and also Vilwa at Dimensions after our run. Both had started running from their homes.

Karthik felt that he would not be able to run 6k without stopping as he is following the Run/Walk/Run method these days. But he did it and was happy. We did 6.17km in 41m:32s at an Avg Speed of 8.9k/h with an Avg pace of 6:44 min/km.

@Ram Hope you had a good LSD run. I think you did something extra.. I waited till 6:30 and and then left.

@Karthik Your Goal has been set and you are the one to take forward and realise the Goal. As you said after the run it is very much realistic.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s Streching and Core Strengthening Session at Dimensions Gym. (This would be my first ever step into a GYM, have never ever gone to a GYM). Thanks Chennai Runners.

Here’s my Garmin Data:

With Best Regards
Shankar Lal M Patel
“Fire in the Belly, Run Run Run”

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