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Oct 22, 2009 – Thursday: Thursday LSD with the CRs, and a ToI Photoshoot

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Had so much of food last night that I forced myself to wake up early and head to Dimensions at 5. Good CR strength today – Narayanan, Hari, Shankar, Bhargav (who I saw for the 1st time), Satish (or was it Senthil) and then later Ramani. So, almost all stalwarts were there.

Obviously, it had to be a RWR today since I simply can’t seem to run continously – just an hour on the treadmill left me breathless a week back. Soon, it was me running by myself – Shankar was behind me while the rest were ahead of me and soon disappeared. The 4:1 RWR again is simply astonishing – there is no doubt in my mind that this is the way to go for long runs.

The pace was good, and the 1 min break only seems to improve the pace overall. It was as steady as it can get – 38 minutes to reach the turn around point just before Velankani Church, and an almost even 39 minutes to get back to Dimensions – and that too was because the last 2 segements were done at 3:1 when I felt I tiring too quickly.

Finished 12 kms in 1:17 at 9.3 kmph.

Not fast, but when I check smokingrunners now, I see that it is actually faster than my previous Thursday runs: On Apr 23, I took 1:20; and on Apr 30, it was 1:35 (but we were walking the last part) and Sep 3, 2009 was 1:26 – Incidentally, it was on the Sep 3 run that I “discovered” the RWR.

The bonus was the Times of India photoshoot. Hari had organized that as a build up towards the ECR 11 and it was almost comical to see the photograher choreographing the stretching sessions and then making us do a mock run in a dead-ended small road. Anyone who recogonizes that street would spill their guts laughing because it is just a 30 mt deadend.

Damn! That reminds me – I promised to put up the ECR 11 posters in my office and I forgot to collect them.

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  1. October 22, 2009 at 5:14 am

    So when are you coming on the News Paper?

  2. karthikpadmanabhan
    October 22, 2009 at 5:30 am

    :-). I guess the CRs will mail as soon as that happens and I’ll tell you.

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