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Aug 29 – Sep 26: Run log

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There was this time, not so long back, when I was super frustrated with myself because my weight climbed up over 87.  I found updating smokingrunners to be an intensely painful exercise. Suddenly, the self-depreciating jokes were no longer funny (yeah, ok – they never were), but instead made me acutely aware of my waning fitness and faced me up to a very bitter reality.

I stopped updating this and promised myself that I would update it only when I get below 85 kgs and more importantly – when I actually ‘feel’ better.

I have satisfied part of that. I am still 86, fat, panting and ugly 😦 – but thanks to Sunday, I certainly feel a lot better.  So, before I write about the Sunday run, here is the run log since the time I abandoned this site.

Aug 29, 2009 – Saturday
Went for a medium-long run (7.5 kms) with Prabhakar. That was a nice, good run.

Aug 30, 2009 – Sunday
Got up early in the morning and cycled to AmmaNana, where we had the cycling group waiting – Prabhakar (in his $1000 sleek cycle which he bummed from his friend), Fazila (15 yr old energizer bunny who is currently the best women rower at MBC), and 3 other 14-17 year olds – They were cycling all the way to Mutukadu and back! Ouch!

Nope. No way was I going to even try that – I cycled with them till Thiruvanmiyur and turned back. . Cycled slowly through BNbeach and got home by 7 sharp. It was still a 25 km ride with 2 breaks (at Ammanana and Thiruvanmiyur) in between. I didn’t feel that tired, except my bum was extremely sore!

Aug 31, 2009 – Monday
It was raining in the morning, but still went to the boatclub on the hope that I could still do some treadmill running. I guess the whole world had the same idea and the gym was packed. So, just sat around for sometime. Having gone there, I did some (very little) weight training just for the legs and got back home.

Sep 1, 2009 – Tuesday
Evening run: The run was great – we ran close to 9 kms in about 50 minutes or so. Very good. Slowly, getting back.

Sep 2, 2009 – Wednesday
Morning was great. Prabhakar and I went cycling – along the beach and landed up at the original Triplicane Ratna Cafe for a sweaty idli-sambar-coffee at 7 in the morning. Checked in Gmap and the total cycling distance (also taking multiple stops into account) was 21 kms.

Sep 3, 2009 – Thursday
This morning, I attempted the Chennai Runners Thursday long run – from Dimensions gym to Velankani church and back. Prabhakar and I ran really slowly and kept Shankar company. At some time, we pushed a bit and dropped him behind. But, at the end of the Adayar bridge on the return leg (at around the 1 hour/ 10 km mark), I gave up and started walking. Prabhakar ran the whole way and finished 12 kms in 1 hr 13 mins. I took the run-walk-run approach and finished in 1 hour 26 mins. That’s an average of 8.3 kmph. Pathetic. . Real bad. Anyway, I guess I burnt the payasam that I gorged last night.

Later in the afternoon, I spent a little bit of time reading Jeff Galloway’s Run-Walk-RunTM (! – what all cany one trademark?). He presents a very good argument on walking and running. At my pace (just around 10 min/mi), he suggests that I do, in minutes, a 3:1 run:walk ratio – but from the beginning.


I spoke to Prabhakar about it, and he just laughed it away as total crap. In his words “A lot of people can put forth thier dumb arguments convincingly as long as there are people to get convinced in them”. Well, that’s typical Prabhakar – for him, extreme is normal and normal is boring. But, I guess I’m going to try it sometime.

Sept 5, 2009 – Saturday: Run-Walk-Run
I was supposed to meet Prabhakar at 5:15 at MBC to try out Mr Jeff Galloway’s R-W-R approach. But I don’t know what happened, but I woke up at 5:20 when Prabhakar called me from the club.

I rushed there immediately and we started RWRing at 5:47 AM. It was 3.5 minutes of running and a 1 minute walk. You wouldn’t believe how fast that 1 minute goes! . But, it was great. We went on the Chennai Runner’s standard route, except that we started at MBC – Greenways road – Judges colony – Adayar bridge – Besent Ave – Velankani Church – Indira Nagar – Canal bank road – crossed over – side roads to Sardar Patel road – Gandhi Mandipam (Kotturpuram) road – Arch Bishop mathias road back into MBC. Totally 14.7 kms. Finished at 7:32; exactly 1 hour and 45 minutes of W-R-Wing. That’s around an average of 8.5 kmph. Slow, but not dreadfully slow.

But, it was exhausting. I still haven’t recovered.

Sep 12, 2009 – Saturday: Long run and Massage
Prabhakar and I did a nice long RWR this morning starting from the club. We did 10 4:1s and then moved to 3.5:1.

I was bushed. Totally. I gave up after 14 kms, which took just over an hour and a half. This is the route: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=3181399 .

I took an auto and went to the club. Prabhakar continued and finished the run. His distance was 17.3 kms, which he did in 1 hour 50 minutes or so.

I was so fagged out that I couldn’t do anything when I came home. So, I went for a nice massage at Ayush and am back now. Feels great

Sep 18, 2009 – Friday
Went for a gym run in the morning. Did 30 mins on the treadmill, 30 mins on the elliptical and got back home.

Sept 19, 2009 – Saturday
Morning was great. Woke up at 4:30 and went to the club by 5:15. Prabhakar’s ‘old’ friends were supposed to join us for a slow run from 6:00, and so the idea was that we do our slightly faster run before that. But it was not just fast – it was very fast, at least for me. From 5:25 to 6:00, we did our RWR on 4:1 ratio, but the 4 minutes was done at a much faster pace than normal. I was almost exhausted after just 35 mins! Anyway, that is probably a reflection of the bad state I am in right now. My partner ran faster and recovered way, way better.

6:00 sharp, Krish and Partha (yup, the rich dad of the kids who I ran with long ago: https://smokingrunners.wordpress.com/2009/07/14/july-14-2009-tuesday-the-joys-of-youth/ ) joined us and then we ran slow. Real slow. It was almost walking pace, and we were doing RWR at 3:1. So, that was almost relaxing. We did 3.5 slow laps around boatclub and it took us 40 mins!

But the whole run was good.

Sept 22, 2009 – Tuesday
Anyway, that meant that I went for a run this morning with the Chennai runner. Runner – because there was just one of them – Narayanan. We went on the 35 min, 5.7 km, flyover course. We started at 5:25 and finished at 6 sharp. He really pushed and it was exhausting. At this pathetic fitness level I am yet, I would not be able to do even a quarter marathon. But, that’s alright – that’s a given anyway. I just want to see and feel the rush – the rush of the crowd and the adrenalin.

I went to Lady Wellington college ground to see if they would do my medical and give my bib, but they said it could be done only on Sept 25-26. They suggested that I get a medical certificate and someone else collect the bib on my behalf. Ok – that can be done. So, I still might participate (good choice of word).

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