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July 23, 2009 – Thursday: Feeling the worst in the last 5 years!

Honestly, there is not much to write about this except for the fact that I am fat and struggling miserably. I am now a hefty 86 kgs and can feel myself hammering down that bulk on the treadmill. I could literally feel the fat bouncing around while I run.

I got the worst of the 3 treadmills today and had to start off walking. I walked for a few minutes before I literally crawled my speed upto a run. I ran so slow that in 30 minutes, I had just completed 4 kms, but by that time, I had touched up to 10 kmph. So, ran for another 6 minutes to get to 5 kms and then walked for another 4 minutes to cool down. Needless to add, I didn’t feel good after that and had to sit down for a few minutes to get my breath back.

Absolute rubbish and I think I am now at the worst form in the last 5 years.

Here is a bit of nostalgia:

I remember that my weight loss regime started when I went to Brazil for the BRQ ML2 appraisal in June 2004. That was my 2nd appraisal. At the end of my observation appraisal (AIG ML3, in May 2004), I was an obese bum, weighing in at close to 90 odd kgs with my waist straining badly on a 38″ trouser.

But, by the time I had finished the BRQ appraisal, followed up by the Panasonic appraisal – a trip which was almost a month long, I dropped about 5-6 kgs. I remember clearly that, that trip was followed by a SCAMPI B for Lingtong at Shanghai where I walked to office and back (almost an hours walk each side) and lost another 3-4 kgs. By Oct-Nov 2004, I was inside 80 kgs and touched peak fitness by the time I went to Phils (for the Trend Micro-Tsukiden 2 month trip) in Feb-Mar ’05.  During that time, I was 73-74 kgs and could get into a 32″ trouser.

Right now, I am 86 kgs, struggling into a 38″ trouser and feeling almost exactly how it was when I returned back from the BRQ-Panasonic trip. The last thing I want is to get back to AIG and pre-AIG days.  Somehow, I need to make a concentrated effort to getting back into shape. I just got to grit my teeth and do it.

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