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July 14, 2009 – Tuesday: The joys of youth

Prabhakar bought along 2 kids with him today – Dhruv and Vishnu. Vishnu is doing his college at San Diego and Dhruv has just got admitted at Boston. It didn’t sink in then, but later realised that he is going to MIT. It took a while for my mouth to close completely.

But that was not for too long. It opened wide again when I enquired about what thier folks were doing. The reply was nonchalant and as casual as it can get – “He used to run his own software company – called Aztecsoft”. Oh I see. Ok. That’s nice. These were the kids of the person who started what is now been taken over by Mindtree and at that time was almost a 1000 member company doing revenues of about 300 crores.

Anyway, those thoughts were far away from my mind when the run started. The 2 kids shot off like they were released from high strung bows. Prabhakar and I hadn’t taken a few paces by which time they were almost ear shot and we had to shout to get them to turn left.

Normally, I curse the various loops of the university because that just meant that the runs could be extended at the whim of my running mate. Today, I couldn’t thank them enough. I was running as fast as possibly could, keeping in mind that I didn’t want to drop off, walk and make myself an old fart. But the kids would just disappear all the time. We sent them on every extended loop we got. We sent them on deadends for them to back track. We used every single shortcut we could get. Yet, they would always be ahead. Last nights wine didn’t help.

I let Prabhakar do the standard “take that left” or “go through that loop – we’ll join you here” screams because I didn’t have too much air in my lungs to scream. Fortunately, Prabs shoes started biting and probably stung him quite badly because he started limp-running a little. That also meant that the 2nd part of the run had a bit of stop-starts.

We did about 1.5 ‘laps’, but given that we took a number of shortcuts, I would probably equate it to about 1 full AU round. Finished the whole thing in under 30 mins.

I was looking like a baked pig. The kids hadn’t broken a sweat. Prabhakar was more concerned with his shoe bite to proved difficult to judge if he ‘felt’ the run.

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