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July 13, 2009 – Monday: Weights time!

Today, I decided to try my hand on some weights. Literally.

Reached MBC by 6:30 and warmed up with a 5 min run on the treadmill. Instead of a Gym trainer, MBC has recruited a bull whose very sight scared me. I immediately spewed my disclaimer verbiage and told him in no uncertain terms that I am a completely newbie on the weights side, am extremely weak with non-existant muscles and might collapse on any excessive stress.

He seemed to understand what I said because he promised that we would start “with something light”. Talk about false promises.

Note: I did 2 sets of the following torture exercises –  I cheated on the 2nd set every time. On most cases, I didn’t even do 50% of the 1st set. Each set is 15 reps.

I did back lats , bench press, machine shoulder raises, dumb-bell shoulder raises, dumb-bell biceps, leg raises, leg press, calf raises and forearms. All of which using weights which he claimed to be the least possible weights. Whenever I suggested a lower weight, he seemed to look at me as if anything below that weight will slip into kiddie territory.

But, all I know is that right now my arms seem to be fleshy appendages hanging out of equally useless shoulder sockets. Typing is painful. Deepu finds this amusing.

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