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July 8, 2009 – Wednesday: On the roads again!!

Finally, after such a long time (if you exclude the Austin trail run), I ran on roads again. I had august company: It was the elite, seasoned, well-oiled, professional, marathon-chasers from Chennai Runners – Ram, Narayanan and . All 3 of them are well into thier 50s – or maybe Narayanan was mid-40s.

Broken_finger broke his finger 4 days back while playing cricket. He has his entire right hand in straps and his little finger splintered. He had to ask us to tie his shoelaces for him. And he wants to run, on Chennai roads. Just the thought of his fingers jarring gave me the shudders. Maybe, his fingers are connected to his brain.

Ram declared that this run was from the “easy run” series. Phew! I was relieved to hear that and it sounded even better when I discovered that the route was on familiar terrain – 2 loops around the boat club area.

Then we took off and within minutes I figured that I am going to be struggling. These guys are a few leagues apart. They weren’t running, but they seemed to lope across, long strides effortlessly grazing the ground with a envy inducing rhythm – smooth as silk. It reeked of a compulsive habit – addiction to running. Totally awesome.

By the time we reach boatclub, Ram and broken_finger had broken clear of Narayanan me. Narayanan was simply being polite and let me tag along. Breathless already, I suggested that he join them, but to my horror – he declined. That meant that I had to keep pace with him.

I struggled, but it was a nice run. We did the extended loop at Boat Club for the 1st round and on the 2nd, we went straight ahead, turned right to St Mary’s road, took the Petrol bunk left at St Mary’s road and joined R A Puram main road and turned right again to get back to the Dimensions gym.

6 kms, 36 mins at a round 10 kmph.

That was nice, but my head has been splitting since morning. That prompted me to do a little but of research and now I understand that there IS something called “Exercise Headaches” – I was always worried that my headaches-after-runs were unique to me. http://www.sportsdoctor.com/articles/headaches.html

It doesn’t offer a corrective solution. 😦

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  1. vijay
    July 9, 2009 at 5:14 am

    DO U still row?badminton ,tt etc,is rail club still on?after this morn run what was ur breakfast?

    • karthikpadmanabhan
      July 9, 2009 at 5:47 am

      I rowed a few months back – but not regularly. Maybe once in 3 months – or even esser. Badminton, TT – all gone. I became a “ward-member” of the Sterling club and so I can do all that if I want to – but I just don’t. 😦

      Y’day for breakfast – I had the previous nights fried rice and mutter paneer because I really liked it a lot! :-), but normally, it is cornflakes or porridge.

      Do you do any exercise?

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