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July 5, 2009 – Sunday: Back after such a long time!

Phew! It has been ages since I ran last. It was with some sense of trepidation that I went to the club to run. First of all, I decided that I was going to tread gingerly (literally) and so road-running was out – It had to be the treadmill to start.

Let me do a little bit of chest beating right away: I was ambitious and set the goal as 10.5 kms – and you know what – I made it. But just.

Thanks to my jet-lag, I was wide awake by 4 in the morning. So, did my stretches and the yoga-parody at home and was at the club by 5 AM on a Sunday. It was probably Saturday night at that time and certainly not Sunday morning – that reflected quite well in that incredulous look in the face of that security guard.

Anyway, undeterred and overjoyed at the prospect of having no one watching me struggle, I picked the best treadmill, set the speed at a dizzying 8.5 kms/ hour and off I went. I increased the speed steadily and at the 30 minute mark, I was over the 10 kmph level. Kept going and did 10 kms in just a tad under an hour. Wound down steadily and felt mighty kicked.

The instructor had come by then and he stretched me out. That was fantastic, but didn’t stop my bloated body from aching the whole day. Ow. Still creaks and pains even now, but feels good to be back in action.

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