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May 8, 2009 – Friday: Prabhakar cheats; Alone on the Elliptical – MBC gym

Called Prabhakar last night and he suggested that we cheat today. Explained that he just felt like a few drinks, late night and late morning. That sounded fine, though I had a sneaking feeling that he was getting a trifle tired with crawling along with a boring, lagging trundler who pulls him back each run. Having done a couple of runs with the Chennai runners, I completely understand if he feels that way – entirely justified, just that I hope that it is not that way.

Since I was going to be alone today, the argument was a little more severe this morning and I snoozed at least a few times before some good sense prevailed and I dragged my self off the bed albiet at a very hot 6:00 am in the afternoon. I went straight to the MBC gym and at 6:30 am, was not that surprised to see the treadmills creaking under some greyhaired heavyweights, both of who were profusely sweating after a grand total of 3-5 minutes.

But, it was good in one way since a few veterans had mailed about the importance of cross training. Besides they have this new Elliptical machine at the gym which I was keen to try anyway. So, I got on that and did a 45 minute session keeping the rpm constant at around 60 and the level ranging from 8-12 increasing every 10 minutes.  Burnt around 500 cals; stretched and got home before 8.

May 8, Friday – Tick.

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