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May 05, 2009 – Tuesday: Uphill running in Chennai!!?

Went running/ walking with the Chennai Runners, specifically, Rajesh today. I got an email y’day calling for interval training and so I was quite keen to check that out. That meant that the argument this morning was not that severe and was quite happy to be there at the Dimensions Gym at 5:00.

It was mostly a familiar group from last Thursday’s run with Rajesh, Shankar and Vilwa + 2 others who I hadn’t met. When Rajesh suggested that we do some uphill training, I knew what was coming since I had seen the mails before and I was more than game.

We have several hills in Chennai, the biggest of them all is called Gemini flyover. Then, we have the Cathedral road flyover, Alwarpet flyover etc. :-). We tackled only the last 2 here because running on Gemini might have been suicidal.

Off we went, trundled along CP Ramasamy road towards TTK road and hit the nice, curvy Alwarpet flyover first. When something new is attempted, the initial feeling is that of exhilaration. It is quite exciting, especially since it was the same flyover where Kutty, Jaiku and co used to try and take that curve flat out without braking (something that I still haven’t managed and have quit trying all that long ago). I still remember how the car used to be driven, perilously close to the barriers teetering on the brink of adhesion.

This time I was running up the opposite side praying desperately that there were only 2 such daft buggers in this world. Rajesh, obviously, never had idiots for friends and so was turning it on, while I slunk behind him despite knowing that his slightly considerable bulk would still be no match for speed thirsty drivers on the prowl.

But, having said all that, the view from the flyover when running is very different from the one that you get sitting in the car. Thanks to all these multiple distractions, I didn’t quite feel the run up. For no apparent reason, this training involves walking downhill and I wasn’t going to raise a change request on the training routine.

But, we started jogging again from the foothill (it does sound nice to call the end of a flyover as the “foothill” 🙂 ), turned left through Kasturi Rangan road to join Cathedral road where turned right again to run up the flyover adjoining Music academy-Savera sections. This time around, I had gotten over the initial excitement and so struggled up a little. Again, walked down, ran slowly from the foothills (why am I smiling each time?) to the Nilgiri’s junction turned around and ran up the other side of the ‘hill’.

Walked down and re-traced our way back to the Alwarpet curvy flyover again and ran up, this time the right way. All this was done in about 15-20 minutes or so.

I was wondering if that’s all the training was (it had just been 4 uphills so far) when Rajesh explained that we were going to do the dreadful opposite side run of the curvy flyover 4 times, while walking down each time. I tried my best to disguise my incredulous look and suggested that we don’t run all the way up to the curve apex, but rather do till 75% of the slope.

The Chennai Runners are nice guys, welcoming and supporting of the newbies and Rajesh was certainly in that mould. He immediately agreed and so we did 4 uphills, the length of which was no more than about 60-70 mts I think. As usual we walked down each time and after the 4 uphills, ran back to our start-finish point.

All in all, a different run and my first uphill session in Chennai. 🙂

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