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April 30, 2009 – Thursday: Running with Chennai Runners, but sans Prabs

Prabhakar told me yday that he was going to Hyderabad today and so I had decided last night that I would go for the Thursday 10k+ run with the Chennai Runners.

After hitting the bed at 12:30 or so, I was expecting a showdown this morning and that was the case. Snoozed twice and was about to hit stop and get back to whatever I was dreaming when Jimjim in his customary midnight kickbouts whacked me, flush on the side of my head, rolled over perpendicularly and left me with about 2 inches of bed to sleep. That tipped the scales and I was set to go.

I was the 1st to reach Dimension gym, but the rest of the group – all of 3 other people (Shankar, Vilwa and Rajesh) joined within a few minutes after. This time I left my keys in Shankars car rather than have it scratch my bum uncomfortably through the run.

We started at sharp 5:15 and we crawled. This made the run with Krish seem like a sprint. Not that I am complaining – quite the contrary. I was enjoying it – it is not everyday that  I can converse during a run. Same route: St Mary’s road – Greenways road – Judge’s colony – Adayar Bridge – Annie Besent Road – THE school road – Elliots beach – Velankani Church and turned around.

Just to give you an idea of how slow we were crawling – A man walking (at a fairly good clip, but still walking) overtook us at Besent nagar beach,  half-turned to gave us this real sly look. I wanted to stick my tongue out and do that <thrrr> 😛 thing that that baby does in that ‘Czechoslovakia’ ad. But instead, I put on this stupid bravado act and waved off the water that Rajesh offered – what an idiot. But, honestly, I did feel good and hardly felt like I had run (which we had not, anyway).

At the end of the BN beach strech, I saw <whatshisname – Jenson & Nicholson Priya’s dad> walking. Well, at least he was pretending to walk. It was as if someone had chased him out of his house saying that he had to walk or else he wouldn’t get his breakfast. He was just ambling around, wandering about and looking for the slightest distraction to kill that 20 minutes of mandatory ‘walk’ before his coffee. His eyes lit up when he saw me and called out to me. I had seen him before and was trying my best to turn my head away to admire that beautiful scenery of huts and people crapping when I heard his call. Damn! But sorry, I was not going to be polite – I just said “hey – hello” and zipped away signaling that I would call him later. I don’t know if his expression signified surprise, confusion, disappointment or all 3, but I knew that if I started talking to him, I would have to explain popski’s condition and he would more than happily yak away till his coffee time. So, I was not going to be doing a divya today. 😉

He must have cursed because within a km, Shankar dropped and started walking. Vilwa looked fagged out and started dropping, but gamely hung on. Rajesh cut his pace (should I call that as – ‘cut his movement’ because pace is too strong a word to describe that crawl) still further and so we jogged till Malar hospital. Shankar lagged off and dropped away from eyesight. Vilwa stopped and said he was walking, but Rajesh persuaded him to run till the end of the bridge when we turned into Judge’s colony.

That was very uncanny since that was exactly the same location where Prabhakar had his nerve attacked and stopped last Thursday.

Anyway, we walked rest of the way back to Dimensions gym. Shankar joined us 15 minutes later. So, 12 kms, which should have taken 1:10 took 1:35 or so – but the good thing was that at the end of it, I was feeling absolutely fine. No problems.

Felt happy that in doing time I must have burnt off about a whole lot of unnecessary mess which I’ve been stuffing myself with for the last couple of days.

Shankar was wearing this fancy Garmin watch which provided some good stats: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/4421278. Note: we were running with him for the 1st 7 kms. He dropped off after that. So, the stats here hold good for me till the 1st 7 kms only.

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